Help with seedling

Its a autoflower bubble gum 3 inchs from the plant, My seedling sprouted but it isn’t growing idk what to do, I’m lost at why it’s not growing

here’s pics of some mugs from my harvest from this strain

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a lot of the times. when you dont noitce any upward growth. it doesnt mean it isnt growing.
its actually a good thing. typically indicates that roots are growing.


Oh okay I was getting nervous lol

I don’t know what the white on the ends of the leaves Jt, and I can’t really find it on this chart or online?

The white is the flash and lighting it’s green

Oh man! I’m glad to hear that lol! -good luck!

Glad I read this before posting. I had the same problem with White Widow fem. They rocketed up and popped their first leaves, but the last several days there has been no change. I was sweating, too

That helped ease my concern that they are growing roots in the meantime.