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An inquiry from a fellow grower:

My son has an Adenocarcinoma Tumor in his Esophagus. He has 6 more days of Radiation Treatments.
We are growing from seed 6 plants in an upstairs bedroom near a window. It is legal here in Colorado.
Please a few questions.

  1. If we are growing next to a window on the West side, Do we need artificial lighting too?
  2. Do you know anything about Hemp Oil?
  3. The guy at the medical dispensary is telling me that he can cure my sons cancer with a $26 dose of his oil a day. Please if you have an opinion tell me what you think.

Yes you might need to add artificial lighting and yes there are plenty of resources we can give you or refer you to on how to make your own cannabis/hemp oil, often called “rick simpson oil” or hash oil or cannabis concentrates and then there is hemp seed oil. You probably want the cannabis oil and not the seed’s oil.

Read the free Grow Guide for more in how to grow your plant to a healthy harvest and if you have any more questions feel free to return.

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Great advice :smiley:

One thing to add; It will not cure your Son’s Cancer; At least not from the perspective of what is stated above.

I believe it will help with pain relief, and ability to sleep better. There may be other beneficial effects.
Good Luck and Hope to see you around. Peace

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There is some evidence tumor growth can be stopped or reversed, good proper medical evidence, but I would never do anything against the recommendations of your son’s doctors and the benefits would most likely be most successful in combination with traditional therapies under the supervision of your doctor.
That being said, here is a government link on this subject:


Thanks for the advice. Our plants we have moved outside. They don’t look very good. I don’t know if it’s to hot to too cold between night and day. We’re at approximately a mile high in Colorado. I may have to shop for some starter plants from our supplier.

Perhaps you could build a small, but efficient greenhouse to help you control the temps to a point. This would protect your plants even more; Further raising the % of quality yield. I have a lot of friends out in Colo. I wish I could hook you up with an experienced grower, but perhaps you could find some one recommended by your MMJ pharmacy. Peace.lw

Latewood, I’m in Mesa Co., Colorado which is west from Grand Junction. If you can get me with one of your friends, My son, and I would appreciate it. Thanks BooH

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I will be glad to try. I wish we had a private message system so people in need of networking could communicate in private. I will do my best to find someone for your family. Give me a couple days to look through old contacts. Peace.
Are you grower at all?
Do you need help setting up a grow space?

p.s. has PM’s

Sorry about your son I hope everything turns out well I was watching a program the other day and there was a couple of specialists in the field of cancer treatment and recent studies they performed showed that their patients were given cannabis oil a few times a day for a period of time and their studies show a significant decrease in cancer cells as the actives THC and CBD attacks the cancer cells one young girl is cancer free they say thanks to cannabis they say because of it’s effectiveness they are going to keep the treatment going and treat more people with cannabis

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It’s probably not a “pharmacy”, it’s probably a dispensary with staff that have no medical training. I choose to listen to doctors. There is currently no cure for cancer, there are treatments and cannabis is one of them to be used along with other medical ones.


The problem with most recipes for concentrates and oil is that they require high proof ethanol. In the state of MN, high proof ethanol is illegal and the nearest legal state is hundreds of miles away from the Twin Cities. What I want is vape juice so I intend on getting some propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, steep this with heat with ground up cannabis buds in it for a considerable number of hours. This is the simplest way of making vape juice and the only means available to me.

Did they say if cannabis was used along with other therapies?

You can’t get Bacardi or Everclear in your neck of the woods?

I hope I am not hijacking this thread (I’m new, and can’t figure out where the start new thread button is) - but I have this old German Shepard who has epilepsy here in Nepal, and the only meds for that here is phenobarbital, which over years is rotting his internals. SO, I am thinking of trying to make something from all the wild weed that grows everywhere here.

Only, I currently can’t tell a male from female, indica vs. sativa, whatever the hell is in that bush outside my gate! Here is a not so good photo of what I mean:

It’s early in the spring here, and this shot was from about a week ago… the size of this bush has doubled since then. What is it, and what can I do with it?!? Thanks so much!!!

Hippie & Hero

@nepalihippie welcome to the forum! Do you have any information on on those plants? Strain, are they just bag seeds? I’ve seen marijuana do some pretty amazing things, while idt it’s a cure all like a lot of people try to make it out to be, I do think that it helps a lot. I’ve seen an autistic student who at birth had her left and right side if her brain surgically separated. She had seizures 4+ times a day. After being put on medical marijuana, I believe oil, she had maybe 2 seizures a month. For people battling with cancer I feel like just the fact that they can feel normal, have a normal apatite, and not being in pain plays a big factor in how well you overcome things like cancer. My grandfather had lymph node cancer, while he was doing chemotherapy he also self medicated with weed. It was the only thing that got him as far as he made it. My brother had tumors all day over his kidneys, started smoking along with taking oils. He did do a lot of eating healthy and exercising which I’m sure played a part. His doctor told him to keep doing whatever he was doing because it was working. I’m a firm believer that marijuana was the only reason they we’re able to push though what they needed to do to get healthy.

welcome to the forum! Do you have any information on on those plants? Strain, are they just bag seeds? I’ve seen marijuana do some pretty amazing things,

@GrowGorilla, thx for those stories and glad things are working well medically. As for these plants, whatever it is, it is indigenous to the area and these plants did not come from a seed bag! There are hundreds of patches now 5-6 feet in height, and still growing with no buds or seeds in sights. I live in a housing development (which is kind of rare for Nepal), and in every empty plot this weed is growing like crazy. I can’t find anyone to tell me exactly what it is.

@nepalihippie that pretty cool to see it growing wild in that much abundance! Is it legal in your area? To be honest if you have that many their probably all male… so you won’t get any the out of it. But you could probably use it as medicine as. You could also use the seeds it produces to get some female seeds and grow those. However, if decided to grow some females, you need to have them in a grow room as far away from you wild plants as possible, if they get pollinated they’ll turn male.

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My 1st attempt at making vape juice was less than a home run. I followed a utube video by an english lady.
The “vapeability”, and flavor are fine, but the potency is lacking; maybe 25% as strong as commercially available disposable vape pens. I am going to try to extract cannabinoids using everclear, then evaporating the alcohol, then dissolving in a VG/PG mix.
Many questions though, the 1st being how much everclear to extract cannabinoids from 1 gram of bud.
But I ramble, enough for now. Thanks

@GrowGorilla thx for the tips! Weed does grow wild here but it’s not legal at all. Up until a few years ago, no one really cared what you did with it, but with a new government, comes a new crackdown. Still, it’s almost a don’t ask, don’t tell situation and I don’t think that the medicinal properties are being exploited (yet), even though people do engage.

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