Brain Tumor, will oil help

Hello, my brother has a brain tumor, he is 41, and I am researching everything I can found and this has led me to cannibas oil.

Can this help, if so what strand do you recommend, should I grow indoors or out?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you


OIl would help for relieving pain, but is not a cure.

Whether you grow inside or out, is something you have to decide for yourself. I am not going to write a long post as to which would be best for you. It is all about the environment available to you, and how you want to grow.

I advise seriouslt researching grow options, and the implements necessary to do support your chosen grow method.

Download the free grow bible and that should give you several ideas. Peace :slight_smile:

Although elements in cannabis have been proven to reduce the growth of brain tumors or even cause them to shrink, it is not a guaranteed cure and never do anything without the knowledge and recommendations of your brother’s doctors. Certainly do not quit the treatments they are advising.

I agree with most everything else that Latewood has said above, there is no simple easy answers we can give you.

I would recommend something strong. Something with high THC and CBD, maybe something like Amnesia Haze or Golden Leaf.

One other thing to think about, you have more control indoors and can grow all year long, you can’t really do that outdoors. I would recommend looking into designing a perpetual grow/harvest indoor grow. This way your brother will wave cannabis always available no matter the time of year.

I do agree that if you can set up a perpetual grow space; That is the best way to go. :slight_smile: