Marijuana grow lights and ballast

A question from a fellow grower:

My digital ballast is practically new it’s a 250/400w SolisTek digital ballast that I used 400w Super Eye Hortilux Bulbs in.
Will this be a sufficient light for a good to great grow or do I need to go with more wattage? My tent is only a 32x32x63" inch .
After all I only grow 3 plants at a time it’s almost too small.

Great lamp. Great size for that tent. I hope the Hortilux lasts for you. A lot of digital lamps do not need the Hortilux and for some reason, early on tests using High performance bulbs in digital systems failed miserably against more standard versions. Hortilux is the best bulb on the market in my opinion. Good choice.

xTip: Make sure you have adequate ventilation to remove and replace stale hot air with fresh cool air. Try to keep the temps in the 70’s/