Marijuana Buds Won't Ripen

I’m utilizing four 20-watt, cool-white bulbs (24 inches) in my 2-square-foot marijuana garden. I might also make use of side lighting. I’ll switch to warm-white bulbs during the flowering period and use a 12/12 light regimen. I waited a long time the last time I grew, but it might not have been long enough. My plants didn’t seem to ripen with amber-colored glands. What is the best way to get them to ripen ideally?

There are a few reasons as to why your marijuana plants weren’t ripening properly. The variety might need more light than you gave it, which would cause the buds to form inadequately (i.e. thin, lanky, and loose up the stalk).

It’s also possible that plant received an erratic light cycle. If you want to flower the marijuana plants indoors, the light cycle must remain strictly 12/12. If you didn’t keep the period of darkness on properly, the buds might have gotten mixed up.

Some late developing varieties might never truly ripen. These plants are rare, but are more common in sativas.


As Robert has stated, there are many factors Involved. First thing, you are only providing 40W / sqf. That is a little low, but I don’t think that it would prevent flowering to complete. I would suggest that you us 2 warm and 2 cool for the entire growing process. Is the area set up so that when you are in the dark absolutely no light gets in? For very small grow areas I think that this is very important. If any light gets in, the plants are not fully locked into the flowering process. When the get some light in the dark periods the plant wants to revert back to veg, and gets stressed in the biological confusion. You could end up having the plant go hermaphrodite on you.
The other factor is dealing with the strain you are growing. Marijuana flowering periods can be very different from strain to strain. This period can be in a range from 8-12 weeks. I try to judge by the color of the pistils (white hairs that you look for when determining the sex of the plant). when about two thirds of the pistils on the buds have turned from white to an orange-red color. Once you see that, you can harvest your goodies. Another little trick is to leave the plant in the grow area with complete darkness for another 48-72 hours.
Hope this helps youharvest some nice tight sticky nugs.