My marijuana plant is not ripe after 11 weeks

I’ve got a marijuana plant that’s taking quite a bit of time to ripen adequately. It’s been under a 12/12 light cycle for the last 11 weeks. Is there a better way to get the plant to mature?

Push the period of uninterrupted darkness to 14 hours and drop the temperature around 5F (3C).

The marijuana plant you’re growing is of an equatorial variety. The equator experiences much smaller differences in light and darkness amounts. These types of plants get a 12/12 light regimen year-round, so they have to rely on other cues. An increase in dryness and decrease in temperature tend to have effects on the plant. Some marijuana varieties can create flowers even while growing, but will never develop flower heads when indoors.

Ruderalis varieties that are native to high latitudes start producing flowers early, but never develop large buds. The flowers won’t ripen, the stigmas will dies, and the ovaries won’t develop.