Harvest time am ready

need some help , i am about to harvest ,i think , looking at the trichomes the ones on the small leaf are amber in color but the ones on the buds are clear , do i wait till the buds start to turn ? they are about 6-8 weeks into flower , tds is around 900-1200 is this to high ?

Wait until the buds are Amber.

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thank u getting inpatient lol

Mine are the same . I split the stem on mine on the 23rd and I will wait another week at least . I still have white pistils on most buds fullsizeoutput_2b1fullsizeoutput_2af


i forgot about splitting the stem , do u think i am too late to do this? i wish i could post pic

Nope go ahead.

Might be a dumb question, but, why do you guys / when do you guys split the stem?

Splitting the stem will stress the plant into producing more trichomes in the buds and make more THC .There is a section in here about stem splitting . I hope this helps . How To Grow Big Marijuana Buds: Our 7 (In-Depth) Tips

Give 'em three more weeks.

Thanks Seeddog.

Wow that’s early to split your stem. I never drill til I have 10% amber on my buds. Split it and Bout 3-4 days later it’s ready for 48-72 hours of dark and then harvest. Always harvest in a dimly lit room as well. Good luck almost there.

BTW flowering usually takes between 8-12 weeks and don’t skimp on the dry and cure. U can easily waste your harvest