Marijuana and the heart

Does anyone have any info. On cannabis and the heart? After a recent heart attack I was told never to smoke. I had given up tobacco and only occasionally smoke weed but wish to improve the situation and regain some sanity, also relieve pain. Ihave 2 questions:
Would a high thc content speed up the heart too much? I actually exercise to get it pumping, but nervous about prolonged high heart rate. Also smoking nicotine narrows the arteries, does marijuana have any similar effect …
How do you vape?
Make that 3…do you delay the harvest to get a mellow couchy effect?
Will mainly be cooking, for physical pain, initially leafy butter which assume is milder, then working out how to use the buds. 35 years ago when I partook more it was all mellow, now a newbie again want that effect. Any help welcomed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The way I understand it THC does not affect any of the organs that function that keep you alive they’re not attached to those parts of your brain so you should be safe I think the accelerated heartbeat that you feel is kind of just the Stony effect I don’t think that it really is going to hurt you in anyway it just might be you being anxious or a little nervous but cannabis should not be able to affect your heart or your breathing or anything like that as far as I know but I’m not a doctor so do a little bit more research… but vaping is better than smoking because you’re not actually burning the material you’re just warming it up which in turn melts the THC crystals and allows you to vape…


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If you’re concerned about smoking, stick with the edibles. With some practice, you will find the dosage that works best for you.

To get that couch lock, you want a high percentage of amber in your trichomes. That level of maturity will give you the pain relief and help you relax. I like 60-80% for night time.

If you have a lot of clear when you harvest, it has been known to increase anxiety.

Read up and ask questions. A lot of help here for you.


You can go to YouTube and search for dr. DEREK BUTTS he has a bunch of videos on growing but if you scroll down he has health related videos and how to make edibles also . Good luck

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Thanks for replies. I am hoping with a more organically grown product general effects will be better. Have had a couple of bad experiences with overheating and increased heart rate (before ill) maybe due to infrequent use but feel that some new strains and the way that they are grown may not be the best. Never experienced a ‘whitey’ or knew what it was the whole of my youth. Well hopefully will be more in control now.
Unfortunately may not be able to wait for amber trichomes but fingers crossed. Will keep browsing, thanks!

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Sunny1, any updates?

Today I was looking for this very topic.

As far as THC jitters/racing heart, like mentioned above, shooting for a lot of amber in home grows helps a lot to reduce/eliminate THC jitters and a racing heart, personally. My White Widow Auto homegrow has some amber that helps a lot. I have some dispensary Afghan that, even though being 100% Indica, will give me some heart palpitations if I have too much, in any form - edible, smoke, or vape. Based on my experience, my guess is that the dispensary harvested it with little to no amber, unsurprisingly. I’m going to grow my own Afghan this fall.

Personally, so far, edibles tend to increase my heart rate, just speaking for myself. My homegrow edible with more amber is better in that regard.

Only one personal data point: I’ve recently had heart symptoms again, so a few days ago, I vaped a small/moderate bit of my homegrow flower at night and I was happily surprised how much it calmed my heart, relieved the chest pressure, and calmed my breathing. Not a treatment, at all, just saying that it helped my symptoms the other night. I’ll experiment more. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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