Stativa or indica does it really matter for effects?

Was driving around today and started thinking if you can influence the effects of your grow by croping based on tricomes does stativa or idica really matter?
I know they are from originally from different regions and grow differently but at the end of the day they both produce tch. Is there a cannibanoid that one produces that the other doesnt?
Let me hear your thoughts and educate me if you have any info on it.

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Yes and no. I find that individual plants have different terpene profiles and a generally different genetic makeup. Most are similar but some are truly different. I feel there are two categories of highs, which are “heart racing” and “sedative.”

I don’t mean sedative like couch-lock, but rather the antithesis of the heart-racing highs. I also don’t mean “heart racing” like anxiety-inducing, but rather the actual physical effect of stimulation, thus creating increased heart rate, etc etc etc.

With the advent of modern cross-breeding, I don’t believe either of those are uniquely sativa or Indica traits, necessarily. For example, my wife has a sativa strain she adores, because it creates a sedative high rather than a racy high, but it’s still a head high with lots of daytime use potential, which is typical of most Sativas. Meanwhile I just grew a couple Garlic strains that are, by all accounts, Indica in nature, but they have the “heart racy” high. Not to be confused with the “racy” high (anxiety inducing) that comes from premature harvest. My Garlics had plenty of amber and fully cloudy trichomes - I think they do have a couchlock effect but it’s not “sedative.” You’re stoned in place but feeling “up and at em” at the same time, which is a confusing state to be in - best for video game binging.

Anyway, all that is to say that genetically speaking I think “cannabis sativa” is what all THC bearing cannabis comes from, whether or not there’s a true subspecies “Indica” is a different question. There obviously are different growth patterns, i.e. a typical Sativa plant has alternating/staggered nodes, while a typical Indica has pairs of nodes at every new node. Indicas typically have broad leaves, while Sativas are long, thin fingered fan leaves.

My thought is that there must be some relationship between all the above-mentioned factors - I think a truly true Indica will display node pairs, broad leaves, and produce a sedative high regardless of trichome ripeness. A true sativa will have the alternating nodes, thin leaves, and will produce a “heart racy” high regardless of trichome ripeness. Trichome maturity can fine-tune those effects, I.e. a sedative Indica can be sedative and couch-locky if you wait til the trichomes are mostly amber.

I think the crossbreeding and constant hybridization of landrace strains made it much less likely than in the past to be able to find that “true” combination of traits. Whether it’s labeled as a sativa or indica very likely has no bearing on whether it actually possesses the traits I’d be looking for in those traditional categories.


@Glitch @Graysin in our scearh for pain chronic pain, not sleeping,PTSĎ,stresz,depression. We found out that growingIndica works bestfor us. Yes I do some hybrids. To help me get rolling

Çheck out strains you like and grow them. You would be disappointed

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I haven’t gotten high in 20+ years and back then if you asked someone is this stativa? they’d look at you and say its weed, you want it or not. Lol
I just grow the stains that i think look pretty or a scent that i think would smell nice in the neighborhood #nofilters lol



Excellent information.

If I grow it friends and family like it.


Excellently verbalized.