Marhydro 300W LED

Has anyone used this lamp from seed to harvest? I’m just beginning and trying to find low budget LEDs. I was wondering do i use this light during seedling or do i start to use it after i transfer my seedling into 5gal pod. And will it give off enough light to grow 2 plants in a 32x32 tent

I used 2 Marshydro 600s in a tent the same size. I had decent results. 1 300 watt may not be enough for flower.


No need to use it really for seedling - the plants more worried about creating roots during this stage. A simple cfl will work just as good then switch it over once you have 3 nodes or so established.

@dbrn32 will be able to help explain the lighting situation better. My layman explanation would be this: if going cheap everywhere then fine but if you are spending decent money on genetic quality of seed, food, intake and exhaust, not to mention all the other small things that go into a grow and add up I would not go cheap on the light. In fact this is the most important aspect, in regards to equipment, in a successful grow second only to experience. Will your plants grow? Sure - but if you want them to flourish you’ll need more power especially in flower.

I started with a blurple like the marhydro (king led 1500 & 2000w) and once I made the switch it was night and day. My plants just seemed overall more healthy and vibrant not to mention the weight/size of each bud was increased 2x when switched to the quantum boards. Remember these are not true watts, and in my opinion are marketed in this way to confuse new growers. Either way You decide to roll with it, I wish you the best with your endeavor :+1::kissing_smiling_eyes::dash:


Right now I have 4 of these .1 went out half way through my flowering stage (granted I had it for bout 2 yrs) but I never was satisfied with results .To me all my buds that I grew wasnt as dense as I wanted it to be .I recently ordered me a 320 qb kit it come in tmrw hopefully that’ll help with density.


Light is a little small for the space, but you can grow weed with it. To get best results with a light like that you may consider doing something like a single plant scrog. The veg time is kind of annoying, but if you train to screen properly all of your buds will be at top of canopy and getting good light coverage.

If you want really good performance out of lights it will cost a little bit. If you’re paying $200-300 per ounce of weed, a good light will usually pay itself back with the first harvest. It’s definitely a good investment. But nothing wrong with trying it out on the cheap and upgrading later either. I would just keep expectations reasonable for your equipment.


I was looking at your thread and I think I’m going to stick to the Kindsoil medium, you got some good ass results now I’m trying to figure a few more things out as for as lights, when lights show be switch, length of lights from plants etc. @SilentHippie. What are good leds that give it decent results but are energy efficient?, I live in an apartment and I do not want my light bill to be out of the roof

Horticultural lighting group are solid LED’s and you will find many happy customers here.

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On a low budget right now, would anyone recommend using these rather than marhydro 300W? and would just one be enough for 2 plants

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If you can go just a bit higher with the 135w qb from them, you’d be good to go.

If not, go with the 100 and stick with one plant.


The horticulture lighting group stuff is going to be much better watt for watt. I agree that you would also want at least a 135 kit.

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Mars hydro 300 is only 132Watts. And the LED’s are not nearly as efficient as the QB’s Hers the footprint of mars and QB135
Mars 300


Im looking at them and i think I’m going ti get the 135w but there all sold out. anybody know another dealer or someone who looking to sell there old 135w, if so lmk.

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You guys been super helpful and i have more questions so i think I’m just going to ask them in here so i won’t have to start a new thread. Im going to be dealing with autos because I’m a beginner and i was wondering with autos do i prune and top the plant?

Since you’re just starting, I wouldn’t recommend topping. You can use low stress training (lst).

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You could put the kit together DIY and save a few bucks

  • 1x qb288 V2 (3000K) with heatsink $89 HLG
  • 1x HLG120H-54A $43 Jameco
  • various screws and connectors $10
  • hangers $5
  • old computer power cord

NarsHydro 300 is only 140 watts. you could use 2 of them for a decent growm in your 3x3’ tent but, all great advice above. If you are on a budget,m start with 2 and try to pick up a couple more down the road. Keep in mind that cheap LED’s will do fine until they crap out due to cheap heat sinks.

For seedlings buy a 2’ 4 bulb T5 fluorescent lamp system.

Hope this helps a bit. lw :slight_smile:

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During each stage of growing what should my temps, humidity %, hours of light be throughout and also how should i go about the light to plant heights during each stage.

Sorry @Kinzo, I’m usually on in the mornings and missed your question but these great folks have you on track. I use HLG Quantums in my 4x4. In my 32"×32" I used 2 Mars 600s. It was older tech and I got them for 140 each. It doesn’t look like they carry the specific ones I have any more. Like everyone, we all have a budget. Your 300w light will not give you the return for the amount of work you’ll put in. I started with 1 300w, then bought a second, then upgraded to the Mars lights and finally the QBs. Save the money and buy a good light. If you go the Amazon route, you need 350w of actual power draw to light your space effectively. I ran 520w with the 600s and had good results. I also paid for it in electricity and heat.

I can’t find any hlg 135W anywhere, should I do 2 hlg 65W or 1 hlg v2 led?

Growerslights has them . Bit more than HLG has them for. They also have the HLG160 which has a QB324 board.