Mango Kush grow

I scored a few extra bucks cutting grass today, I don’t use general funds for buying weed supplies, and I want to buy some seeds. Im interested in either Mango Kush or Mauie Wowie photos. Also, if there is a particular strain that you think I would like, let me know. I’m thinking fruity.

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@MattyBear s mowie wowie grow piqued my interest. I just have to get over the 70’s stereotype. Mowie wowie, Acapulco gold, tied stick…


I can see that. Being an old strain it definetly has baggage.

I mentioned it to a fellow grower and he just laughed.
But even though it may be passé, it might be a strain I really enjoy.
I’m really enjoying energetic highs and less of the narcotic high.

Can’t go past super skunk for old school. Here is some I’m harvesting as we speak. I’m so sticky atm. Finger hash for days.


I’m the opposite! I went for the skunk weed first, thinking of high school days and the first really good bud I ever smoked.

Heard a funny joke yesterday.

How do you milk a sheep?

You keep releasing new iPhones at $1000 a pop :wink:


out of 9 plants in rdwc, mango kush is the healthiest and fastest growing of all of them. It has fan leaves the size of my head at 6 inches tall.


mango kush

mango kush