Male of female marijunana

A question from a fellow grower:

I need help figuring out if this a male or female??

I believe that to be a female

OK, we all know what a big almost ready or ready to cut down female flower looks like:

This is what they start out as, just after starting to show female sex:

This is what the young males look like:

More developed:

Very developed male and showing some female hermaphrodite flowers at the top:

Your picture just doesn’t show the detail needed to be able to say for sure. It might be impossible to tell until you start the flowering period, it might be too early and the plant might not be showing sex at all yet. You could take a cutting from the bottom, from a less developed branch with a node on it, and take it as if cloning, and put the clone in a 12 hour uninterrupted darkness daily light cycle and the clone will often show sex even before it starts to grow new roots. The parent that this clone was cut from will be the same sex.