Malawi a journey into a legendary African strain

Thanks to a new growmie friend I was gifted some Malawi landrace seeds. I’ve been letting them do their thing and I am just awe struck at how even in veg how pretty they are.



Nice healthy plants. Hope this strain produces so nice buds. Include pictures as your grow continues I’d love to follow

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Will do man.

I really want to get everyone outside but our weather here in CO keeps changing. Days are great but nights are into the 40s.


So going down the line.
The one on the top left is one of the Malawi. She has 4 solid cola spots and the topping really did her well.

The middle left is Malawi but this one is showing a difference. The leaves nodes are very close together. Its been topped but again spacing is tight.

I have two other Malawi in there which ill do further updates tomorrow or Friday.

The others you see in there are another African strain called African Black/ BAM