Making sure I get it right

@Bubbala @kellydans @OGIncognito when growing Godfather OG indoors what should the following specs be for:

seems like there should be a roundabout number for everything.
And is there any major difference when growing weed between
Humidity and RH?

I understand that PH should be 6.1-6.9 for vegetative with RH at 50 percent with growth at 4-8 weeks.
I understand that PH should be 6.5-6.9 for flowering with RH at 50 percent with growth at 7-12 weeks.

It also appears a person’s head can start swimming with what appears to be a neverending slew of numbers for everything from dirt, to water, to air, to food, to light, to darkness, to heat.

Maybe there’s a tester to see how long people’s patience will last as they gaze thru a window to make sure that nothing ever gets out whack.
Heaven forbid if I spot a fly taking a nap on a bud.

Another issue I ponder over in vegetative:

  1. 4-8 weeks for vegetative is a long span. So is it 4 weeks or 5, or 6 or 7 or 8?
  2. What determines the cutoff?.
    Another issue I ponder over in flowering;
  3. 7-12 weeks for flowering is a long span.
    So is it 7 weeks, or 8, or 9, 10, 11, or 12?
  4. What determines the cutoff?.

Thanks for everybody’s input. I really appreciate it.


You can veg as long as you want 4 weeks gets you a smaller plant than 7 weeks there is no said cut off. Length of fowering time is up to the plant. Some finish faster than others. Never go by stated Flowering time. They’ll finish when they finish determined by looking at the trichomes with a magnifier or microscope. Again there is no set cut off time. That being said I’ve never had a plant finish after only 7 weeks of flowering its usually 10 or more but some strains are bread to finish faster.


You’re in the ballpark Growmie.
Soil- shoot for a PH of 6.5, the acceptable range is 6.3-6.8 with the sweet spot of 6.5 from seed to harvest.
RH- 65-75% for seedlings
Flower- 45-55%
VPD- I don’t chase these numbers, I try and maintain the above RH numbers.
I’m not sure what the other abbreviations are??
How long you veg a photo period plant depends on the grow space…they double in size during flower.
Harvest times are recommendations, go off the trichome development, I harvest once I see approximately 90% milky :love_you_gesture:


What are CEC, ST, OM, and ME?


Thanks for the tag , As mentioned you can veg as long as you like. The larger your space the longer you can veg. Flowering stage can vary from Different strain. I always try to finish each plant to its max.


If your humidity question is referring to absolute humidity vs relative humidity, then it’s always relative. Absolute is written in a volume format, ie: 12 g/m3, and is rarely discussed. Relative is written as the common percentages you see and hear so often.
You can be as picky (VPD) or loose (<50% veg, >50% flower) as your own personality prefers. Failure to adhere to at least some kind of environmental control however, can quickly lead to extremes that would eventually lead to failure.

For your veg ponderings, if you have an autoflowering strain, then genetics determine the vegging span, you have no control over it.
If they’re photoperiods, then hours of darkness determine the cutoff. Four weeks is considered the minimum in veg, because a plant has to reach sexual maturity first, beyond that, it’s up to you when to put the plant into flowering mode. Size &/or quantity are most peoples considerations. If you keep their darkness hours limited, the plant will stay in its veg state. This is how “mother” plants are kept, from which cuttings are taken to turn into rooted clones.


If that what the Relative Humidity is supposed to be.
What’s the Humidity supposed to be?

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When people just say “humidity”, they mean relative humidity.

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How do you know if the plant has reached sexual maturity?

Oh, Ok. Gotcha, Relative Humidity means humidity basically


Most people judge by when a pair of little white stigmas (pistils) appear on the main stalk at the branch nodes. This is very different from when the stigmas start forming at the tips of the branches.

Guess I better study that white stigma thing. It’s been 25 years since I smoked weed. Now there gonna give me a medical marijuana card. Marijuana has gotten incredibly advanced in 25 years.

So if I see a white stigma then if I understand this correctly that when it’s time to put the lights on 12/12.
(Godfather OG is non auto flower as I understand it.)

So do I need a humidifier, AND a dehumidifier both ready to go just in case?

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Yes the humidity in the grow space :love_you_gesture:

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Do white stigmas only appear in a pair format?.
What is the meaning of the difference on the two different places that the white stigma appears?.

You could probably grow them from a seed in 12/12, but they still wouldn’t flower until they’re mature enough.
It’s just that after around 4 weeks (sexual maturity), is your first opportunity to start the flowering process. If the plant is still too small for your liking, let it grow for a little more, that’s all.

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I’d say go study the anatomy of a female cannabis, or just google up some images. This forum is loaded with examples. Flowering and pre-flowering times are big topics, and have tons of pics around them.

As far as needing a humidifier and dehumidifier, that depends on your location.
You’ll need some “system balance” in whatever grow room you end up with.
Running a grow room is like driving a car. You can’t just lock the wheel and pedal into position and let it go. Every drive is full of variables that you have to correct for. A fair share of environmentals will need to be dialed in as you go, especially if you live in an area with extreme seasonal changes.

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I will do that.
Thanks for your input and thanks to everybody for their input.

In PA they say there are humidity issues. My basement in a old house and it has humidity issues.
But when I look at the fact that I custom built my room, and I will control every aspect.
I guess to be on the safe side I should have both a dehumidifier and a humidifier. Just in case I need one or the other.
I guess that’s the best approach.
Heck, I don’t know and am not sure. But I can rest assured that with one of each I always be ready.
I guess.