Making sure I get it right

Are you planning on using strictly outdoor air to ventilate your grow space? Am I remembering that correctly? It’ll be tough controlling something like humidity like that if you are, as you’d be at the whim of the outdoor conditions then.

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Your memory serves you correctly.
Yep, supplied with outside air.

I only have 2 choices.

A: Supply with outside air whatever that air may be, and hope for the best.


B: Supply with utter crappy, stale, miserable air from the basement.

Looks like choice A is the winner.

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So I was thinking, since I won’t grow November-March than I would need a humidifier for April-October.
What ya think?

Dont over think this, its a weed.
Good lighting and soil and airflow should be your first concerns. Everything can be can be added or removed as needed. Humidity numbers don’t need to be exact. You want higher Humidity during seedling and veg mode and lower during flowering. Below 50% during flowering helps keep you from having mold issues like Bud rot or Wpm. Some strains are more mold resistant than others. High humidity and insufficient airflow is a disaster waiting to happen. If I was growing in a basement Id pull air in from outside into the basement not the grow space and then dehumidify the basement air and use that air. Basically using the basement as a lung room.


I’ve never actually used a humidifier in the summer, just a lot of dehumidifier run time. It’s the winter time when everything in the house dries out. But even then, the plants themselves can provide a good deal of humidity all on their own. But again, every situation is unique in it’s environmental controls to some degree.


I use a swamp cooler in my greenhouse until monsoon season starts. Then I turn the water off and put it on fan only at 3500 cfm for the rest of the grow. Late flower I put a dehumidifier in there cuz nighttime humidity can easily hit 100%. With the dehumidifier I can get it down to 70-80% at night. Its the best I can do in there. I have a bunch of fans going as well.

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Hello neighbor, I’m near Pittsburgh. Humidity isn’t a real big issue here. Its easily contoled with the right equipment of course but, it doesn’t take much. The plants create alot of the humidity themselves.

Yes I would say so, I have both…