Correct humidity

Wondering if anyone could tell me what my humidity should be at?This site here says around 80 for humidity. My plant is exactly 4 weeks old.

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The detailed answer is in the chart that ties temp and humidity together for optimal results.

I like to keep it simple and shoot for > 50% RH during veg and <45% during flowering.


Here’s another favorite of the forum. I don’t know who originally posted it, but thanks again.

Keeping VPD on point is without question optimal for growing, but it’s sometimes difficult to keep dialed in. That’s especially true when you’re a new grower. If you stay in the ranges in this chart you’ll do well. You’ll also find that VPD will be close to your target. If you do as @MidwestGuy recommends in his last line you’ll do just fine.

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I have my humidity around 65-70% and then for flowering stage i have around 45-55,%

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