Proper humidity during flower

Hello everyone hope you’re all well and having fun gardening. So I keep getting mixed signals about humidity control. Some people say 40 to 60 range other people say 50 to 70 range. Me living in a rainy state I’ve got to try to find that sweet spot. Once I find it I want to try to stay there. LOL. So my question is what does everybody else think the proper humidity during flower should be? Thank you in advance for everybody’s opinion.

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Relative Humidity (rH) should be determined by the which growth stage the plant is in and by your temperature (thus relative humidity). The Vapor Pressure Deficit chart (VPD) is how I determine where to set my temperature and humidity levels.

Here is just one version of the chart:

And here is another:


Great. Thank you very much for the chart

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Merlin has got you covered
Last week before harvest drop humidty to like 30% this will boost terp production according to the claims.

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Thank you for the tip I appreciate it

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Your welcome