Making hash from buds vs trimmings?

I’m thinking of getting trimmings from grower friends that don’t use them and let them go to waste, and pressing them into hash. Is it possible with just trimmings and stuff?

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This is what I got from the trimmings of a plant. You just need a screen to sift the triches off the trimmed material. I use a trim bin


Or bubble bags for an ice water wash or 3


Lots of ways to do it. Wash would prolly be the fastest best ways to get more from it. Can do dry ice sifts open blast if u are safe to do it press would be the most time consuming to get return from it but would still work. I’d say bubble hash is sounding best here for trim and larfy shit. Good luck post some pics if u go thru with this so we all can see the outcomes


Would the hash be lower quality from trimmings?

If you use bubble bags not really you’ll just get less because less trichs can fall through the screens , there always going to be a little plant material mixed in anyways

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