Making e juice first time

I’m making e juice first time. The revenue I’m using is on ilgm but it says nothing about evaporating off the alcohol. Has anyone used this revenue yet who can help me.

Sure i can help you. Can you link the recipe you are referring to? @Paul667 or give me a few words from that posting that will help me find it?

The real secret is getting the MJ into a solid so it can be combined with the oil you will be using.

There are many ways to do that, but lets see where you are.

Not sure how to link ya to it but Its the only revenue I found on ilgm for
vape pen juice. I’ve mixed the alcohol n weed in jar. Waiting to strain in
about 4 more days. Then all it says is mix 3 parts by and shake 2 min

There is a little figure 8 looking symbol at the bottom of each post. If you click on that you can copy and paste the link into a post here. Or you can click reply from that exact post and type

this is the one @bob31 and I will get flagged to go there!

Its under Making your own vape pen juice

This one?


Can’t send . can u send me an email address to send the link to

we aren’t allowed to post personal contact info on this site @Paul667 its in the forum rules.

I posted a link two up. Is that the right ONE?

No it’s not. Ill try n send later if I can figure it out .Thanks though.
Ill be back in a few hours

ok @Paul667 we will get it figured out!

Here is the link to the site search for “vape juice”

If it is in the list just tell me the name and how many from the top or bottom.

This is revenue on ilgm . you may have to blow it up to read. Let me know
if you cant

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refer to