? About making e-juice out of AVB

So doing some research and have some AVB.(already vaped bud) that I want to turn into e-juice. So I read can do it with high proof alcohol (everclear) but can be explosive. Also read can use isopropyl alcohol and shake and let dry and scrape then melt into an e-juice. I am not super fan of smoking isopropyl alcohol it just does sound good. However it seems to be less chance of blowing up. So wondering opinions about the two procedures.

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That’s one of the same recipes I was talking about. I bought 90% iso on Amazon to try it. Probably try it this weekend and see what happens since it’s gonna rain all weekend. They say you can use the regular 70% iso too but it takes longer to evap. In theory the iso completely evaporates and only the semi solid MJ extract is left.

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That is what I was wondering about if the isopropyl would completely disperse. That is good to know that it does. I may have to try this weekend as well.

Ever hear of farm to vape. It looks like it would work nicely. If I am not mistaken it says something to the effect there is no separation between e-juice and concentrate. I guess which can happen with other procedures.

I’m experimenting as well. I have PG VG & MCT oils and I bought farm to vape.

The farm to vape is very good stuff and I highly recommend it.

I’m fooling around to see if I can make it here at home that works as well as ftv

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The recipe you have how much avb does it call for? I’ve been saving up for a couple months but we don’t use that much

Are you looking at the one where you put everything into the freezer?

yes you put it in freezer for like 5 hours. one said 15+ grams of vaped bud the lighter the better.

Yep exactly

I don’t follow?

the lighter in color brown. as in not as vaped as much.

Gotcha. I try to stop before it gets too cooked. The smell changes just a bit acrid and I dump it. On mine it’s about 4 minutes on high

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ya I am not too sure mine is going to be that good. I end my vape at 420 degrees and stuff comes out fairly brown. we will see thou. Also read with this technique is too use the isopropyl to clean your vapes and let that dry out and add that to the mix. I am going to clean some glass pieces and use that as well.

just ordered some farm to vape. They are on the east coast so hopefully it will be here soon.

I’ve never tried to make it but I am wanting to try after my next harvest so I’ll be watching this thread @bob31 tag me and let me know how it works out brother

I wish you would have told me. I have a coupon code FTVINSTA

Also they are discounting their products as they changed their lol go so I bought a 60ml bottle of strawberry ejuice for $21 instead of the $35 advertised!

Unfortunately the unflavored is still the reg price… I love deal!

You will love the ftv. Once you have the concentrate you need it literally takes 5 minutes to make the vape juice!

I’m out right now but I will take a pic of my ABV so we can compare.

Basically you need the MJ to be in a solid form like wax, shatter or similar type of extract!

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forgot to take the pic of my ABV


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You’ll use that to make you juice @bob31

Actually I have plenty of ejuice right now so I’m either gonna let this ride or make some salve out of it.


Oh really now mr I have to much e jiuce lmao hahaha @bob31
I wish I had too much
Going to make this once I get this grow done I’ll have plenty of bud to play with then


hahaha the deal is the Mrs likes the e vape better and it is convenient than the bud vape so it’s only getting used by me once or twice a day and the vape juice gets pretty good mileage here!

Though the wife aggravated her back last night getting out of the tub so were both gonna be using all the tools today! I’m gonna harness her into the recliner with the heating pad and a vaporizer lol

After watching the health summit this weekend I think there is benefit to the salve and we bought one a couple weeks ago, so I’m probably gonna make some of that. I’m gonna make it 2 or 3 different ways. One with tiger balm as a base. Another per the recipe I got from Will Garrigan and a third with Lavender especially for the wife to use. The plain will wind up being mine for daily use, hers with the lavender and the tiger balm for days like today!


they look good. Color is a nice light brown.