Maintenance needed/ limited room

This is My friends plant from way before I got a 300w light, doing a a 12:12 light ratio so he’s planning on harvesting pretty soon he just doesn’t know exactly when. It’s a female Sour Diesel that I think is in very early flowering stage. He’s very limited on room so I don’t think I can top it much. Please let me know if I can do anything to raise the light higher or give an estimate on what stage it’s at . Any help will be appreciated this is technically my second grow so these are kind of my experimental stages with cannabis until I really get things down :v::seedling::seedling:

That led light needs to be about 16 inches above the top of the plant.
It looks to have a long time to go yet

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Welcome I would invest in some retractable hangers for the light. Looks to still be in veg stage I don’t see any signs of starting to flower. Once you get the hangers you might need to remove the rack.

Should I get a screw that has a ring on it so I can chick in a drill and use them to hang that way ?