Main-Lining Recommendation

There is NO limit to mainlining… only your imagination…

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So here’s my attempt at mainlining. Cbd sour space candy bag seed. I’m now waiting for the third node to grow on out before I top again. Any pointers?

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Beautiful stuff :+1:

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Looking good…you only doing 8 colas?..:sunglasses::v:

Yeah, it is my first try so I thought I would us the kiss method ( keep it simple stupid) and see what happens. I’m also limited on space at the moment with two autoflowers finishing up. I started back at the top of this thread and saw where I should wait for the fourth node and top at the third so I got some more time to grow. One thing I can’t figure out is why is my main stalk so small? Or will it bulk up since the plant has less branches to grow.

It will bulk up…or you can help it with your fan or you can supercrop it…:sunglasses::v:

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Lots of good stuff here… Here is where mine are at about 30 days into vegetation and 5 days since I made the final topping creating my 8 mains. Right now i am just spreading everything out and starting to think about the best way secure them.

I read it is important to keep all the tops on a plant at the same level, what is the reasoning behind this?


Tops should be as even as possible so that they all get the same level of light. That’s what’s nice about manifold everything is symmetrical and growth is even for the most part. Of course you get some that just won’t. If I get a branch or two that are taller than the other just grab the tall ones between your thumb and pointer and roll it squeezing it until you feel it get weak and bend it down, this will cause it to slow down while it recovers from it. When I say bend I mean in half like when you kink a hose you’ll be surprised how fast they do recover. It’s a form of supercropping but I use it to slow a branch or two down

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Thanks MeEasy. So far i am able to keep them all close to the same height with just LST but i still have about 6" to go before i flip the lighting schedule and if i get a wild one i will definitely give the supercropping method a go

@AxisCat @Turbonelson … I took some pics of my grow this morning and thought I’d share (show them off) not all are manifold. They’re in the 7th week of flower Second pic is same plant as first I took a closer one because you can see where I supercropped the four middle stems to slow em down during veg

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Very impressive

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On the first picture I see a lot of vertical growth. Did you do any lst to this plant? And if so how long? I don’t have a lot of vertical space in my grow box so I got my tied down pretty low.

No I don’t spread em out like most people do because I like to cram (sog) a bunch of plants in there because I have more height then I do square feet. I pull the two main stems apart to a wide Y the 8 tops I’ll just keep em far enough away from each other for airflow. Trying to keep em within the diameter of the pot but 2.5 - 3.5’ tall from the soil not the floor. I grow in a walk in closet split in half with 12’ ceiling I can’t even reach the pole I have my lights hanging from and I’m 6’4". I’ll have to change this though my ol lady wants her closet back so I just bought me a 4x4x6.5 tent. I’ll probably try doing a manifold with many more tops like @Arrow has in the pic up there and put a net over it (scrog) so it’s not so tall but I’m not sure yet. It’s gonna take a couple rounds to figure it out

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Reading your response, what I have up there was created for outside…its actually 2 plants. Here is a more realistic goal to aim for if you want 4 plants in a 4 x 4…

Keep on keeping on…:sunglasses::v:


I dream big maybe just two in a 4x4 hahaha.
I first put this as a joke but I know my dumbass I might actually try it one day

Edit == this is a photo from GWE article I read yesterday… not mine


I prefer to have my plants mobile…makes my life easier…

This plant was trained with 4 wires…I had to remove 4 colas because airflow would become a problem…:sunglasses::v:



Very nice! Like you I have more height than floor area and my manifolds look pretty much like yours with the Ys and just spreading things out as they grow. If mine are half as nice yours 7 weeks from now i am going to call it a success!

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Hey Arrow… great job there. At what point did you remove all the fan leaves? My three NL’s where started from seed at the same time. And all 3 are different in size. One seems to be growing like crazy so i cut all the lower fan leaves off up to the start of my 8 mains. She was getting really bushy and I though maybe it might slow her down a little so the others can catch up. I think it had the opposite effect and i swear she probably grew another 1" in 24 hours.

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I try to not take all the fans of…:sunglasses::v: