Growth/lighting question?

This is my 2nd grow. First one went really well and i am growing these identically to how i did the first. My question is about mainlining and mainly what my lighting should be at. Im running 2 nextlight 420h in a 4x8. The only conplaint i have about them is the dimmer is very finicky. It comes on at 25 percent and basically looks full blast at around 60 so the dimmer isnt very good compared to the mars hydros that i have. I have the mainling figured out but its hard to train these short plants. Last time and this time my plants are so short and stocky with big stems that its hard to tie them down and not snap them. I have the light set at about 30. Which is probably actually at 50 percent of its range. And they are hanging 32 inches up. Should i raise the light to try to get them to stretch? Suggestions?

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Raise it or lower the intensity if the light is adjustable. Plants respond pretty quickly and you should be able to notice a difference after about a week.


Every plant is different. They are like kids. Some small, some tall, some large and some woody. Usually you can control a stretching plant by moving the light closer or if you need it to stretch, move the light farther away. Occasionally you’ll get a plant that just wont cooperate no matter what you do.

Nutes and soil may also play a factor. We just do the best we can. No need to worry about them being stiff. It’s just that type of plant.
Just my opinion. Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Imh i would keep a 36" space and maybe dim a little more which should help

How many growth nodes are showing? If there are 4 visible nodes you can manifold these and once you strip the growth below the 3rd node, they’ll look less bushy and you’ll have a clean manifold structure :love_you_gesture:

Mainline is a nug bucket method requiring 3 toppings. The Nebula manifold only requires 2 toppings. I also do a mod manifold called a quadline where only 1 topping is needed and great for autos