Lynyrdsky First Grow

Wellness check today on the girls. Took a lux app with me. Had full sun today and matched what the sun had with the app. Plant height was 65000 lumen and matched outdoor reading. The large Gelato took her haircut well. Still not sure if I fimmed her correctly yet.

Side view shows she is branching out now.

The SD auto got her tie downs tightened a little more.

Bud sites are starting to reach now. Goal is to keep her he’d down to their height.

The small Gelato had a surprised look to her in yesterday’s photo. She has one still today.

Still looking at transplanting her this weekend. Gave them all a little shot of 6.2 H2O and said g’nite.


Took the runt and placed her outside today, grew tired of looking at here lack of progress, will see how she does outdoors. Transplanted the other two smaller one today also. To do over again I would solo cup them then in the perma homes. Gave the two big girls a half gallon of straight water. It appears as though the FIM I did the other day took and it appears there are two new shoots coming. She was droopy today telling me she needed water bad.

Today on my check on the girls I just looked them over and lifted the pots to see if they were heavy yet. They have dried out some since yesterday but will wait until tomorrow before given more. The Gelato I did the FIM to definitely took and she is looking good.

The Sour Diesel is doing her thing nicely as multiple buds are now appearing at about the same level. I noticed how she is filling in a lot from a week ago images.

Checked on the girls and a noticeable smell was in the tent. The first time I noticed a strong smell. :slightly_smiling_face: Did no water or LST today just a few pics. I did mix up a batch of FF nutes for their first feeding tomorrow. Went with one third strength of Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom and Grow Big. Checked the soil PH and it was running 6.2 to 6.5 for all of them. Since transplanting the other two they are getting color back and showing signs of growth finally. Leads me to believe it was the original soil they were in too hot. They all like their Happy Frog.

In 9 days I will flip the lights to 12/12.

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My daily checkup on the girls and the Queen was telling me she needed a good drink. She got her first dose of nutes today, the 1/3 strength batch of what I made yesterday.

2 hours later she was perkier looking. Still droopy but happier.

The fim area looks good and the 2 shoots are reaching out.

The bigger SD I LST’d the branches more, rotated her so they would go over center more.

The 2 small ones are going to grow out without messing around with them further, no point in working hard on 2 plants that will have low yield, they will get nutes two and did today but no training.

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Daily checkup on the girls. Queen Gelato needed a drink again and took a half gallon. I also did a little LST on her. She is getting big. The SD also got some LST on her again as the bud sites are multiplying daily now. Also started a new SD seed yesterday as I should have enough time to finish her out before the cold weather takes hold. I have big hopes for the Gelato as she is a real nice looking plant and growing like a weed. Not much else to add.


dont count them out yet. i had a 12 inch clone from an auto that didnt have a lot but was really good.

I won’t, seen some nice fat colas on runts on pics here. I will take what they give.

Watered two of the plants today and did some LST tightening. Even the runts of the batch have started to look good now, no more yellow left. Happy Frog Has made me a happy grower. You can see in the third image how my FIM missed and left me with a short leaf was all.


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Gave the big Gelato a half gallon of straight water today and the others a little less the big girl is taking in a lot of water now. Did nothing else other than a checkup. Some lower leaves on the big one are turning yellow I assume because of age and lack of light getting to them. Will keep a close watch on that. The SD I planted yesterday had not emerged yet.


My check on the girls yesterday resulted in watering the two smaller plants and tightening the LST on the two larger ones. The little ones are dark green so no feedings for them. Lol they go from yellow to dark forest green. Light flip in 2 days.

The sour diesel seedling emerged today. Gave her a capfull of water and placed her dome back on.


Pulled the pin today they will only get 13 hrs of light, tomorrow starts their 12/12. 4AM to 4PM. Took all LST off the SD Auto as she is holding her shape well without being tied down. Shifted over to the large Gelato and pulled all her branches out to get a bigger spread for light receiving. Tucked a few fan leaves out of the way. All 4 got nutes today 1/3 strength plus Cal-Mag. The 9" tall SD Auto is in full bud production now as sugar leaves are getting loaded with trichomes. Gave the SD seedling two cap fulls of water.

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2nd day of 12/12 lighting. Half gallon straight water to big ones and quart to the other 2. Trimmed the gelato up some getting rid of old fan leaves. Did a little more LST on her too. Nothing more to write.

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Another day on checking up on the girls. A 4 required drink again as they are lapping up the water now. My SD seedling is already having it’s second set of leaves. The small SD is branching out now and I will leave her go. Got a mic today and gave it a quick try.

My seedling is looking good with a dome over her and surrounded by the 4.

15 days ago the small SD day of transplant.

I had little hope for her at that time. Look at her today. Lesson learned never give up on them.

Her buds are looking good and two new branches are shooting up quickly.

Queen Gelato had PPM of 750 and took a half gallon of water. Next water upping her nutes. Starting to see beginnings of flowers.

Small er Gelato has bud signs now too after 6 days of 12/12. Both of the smaller ones have did so well since moving into Happy Frog soil, again I am sold on a bad start due to hot/bad soil.

The larger SD is looking fine yet and she required more water too, next time will be a 2/3 nute watering.

Good night girls lights out in 1 hour. Cooler weather has helped a lot now too as temps are 50’s at night outside. Tent is much more tolerable as temps in low 80’s during the past few days.


No major changes on the large Gelato or SD. Just trying to nourish them.

Took the seedlings dome off today and left her position in the center.
The small gelato is not so small anymore and she is making her presence known.

The smaller Sour D is gathering a lot of attention from me now. The christmas tree shaped cola in the center is frosty looking now. I said a few days ago I would not LST the two smaller ones but she got her limbs spread today.

Her main bud is the most photogenic so far.

Even tried the Microscope out on her, hard to hold steady need the practice.

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Watered all 5 plants this morning and did some more LST on the large Gelato. Everything is looking good so I just took some pics and drooled over the frosty bud of the Sour Diesel.

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Things are progressing good in the tent. The seedling is doing really good too. Just some pics for future reference. The large Gelato is budding up good now and I counted 14 bud sites so far. Hopeful for a good harvest. Cranked the LST on the surprise Sour D today otherwise no further maintenance needed today.


Another two days since my last post, The Gelato’s are in full flower mode now. The seedling is looking good and will get her perma home this weekend. The one sour diesel is showing signs of burn or deficiency not sure which one it may be, all new to me. The other SD is doing great with her large sticky cola. All received straight water today.

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Transplanted the seedling in her perma 5 gallon home yesterday. Fed the 4 girls a dose of cal-mag. They are all doing good in flower and buds are developing nicely on the Gelato’s.