Lynyrdsky First Grow

My first grow. 3 sour diesel autos and 2 Gelato photos. My plants stretched some at the start due to low lighting but are rebounding good now. Broke ground on June 3 after starting in paper towel in a baggie. Got a 4 x 4 x 80 grow tent with 6" exhaust fan and carbon filter (not attached yet). Plan on transplanting in a couple of weeks into 3 gallon fabric pots with Happy Frog as the medium. No nutes as of yet. My sour diesels seem to be lagging behind the Gelato not sure if this is normal.

Got two QB260 V2 Samsung LM301B 3000k LED Quantum Light w/Meanwell HLG Driver today and got one in the tent today. Will wait on the other one. Wow what a difference in light from the Blurple ones I had before. Yes I went the cheap route and after reading lots here decided to ditch them and spend some cash. Have a lilttle less than 1k into this grow now and I did not want it to fail because of cheap lights.

Glad to have found this forum as I have learned a lot from here already and much more to learn I am sure.


Well you just have yourself a happy little grow time and may you have a heavy harvest. Seedlings are looking good btw. @Lynyrdsky


After awhile you stop counting, because no matter how much it is, it’s cheaper than the expensary trips!
Lighting is the biggest investment, and you’ll see the results will match that. You’re off to a great start, happy growing.


I understand lol. I did not total it up until today and if all goes well I will save a bunch long term. Big investment up front but spread out over a few years much cheaper and you get the satisfaction of knowing you grew it yourself. My trips would be very expensive as I would have a few hours to drive.

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All the better to grow at home. Legal state here, but that doesn’t mean I would enjoy giving my hard earned money away.


Sorry for messing up your grow journal by multi posting. Didn’t realize it was your journal, until now. May all your Grow Dreams come true. @Lynyrdsky

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No problem @Draco1

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Pleased with the way the gelato’s are looking.

The sour diesel auto flowers have some catching up to do. Below

Temps are running high and this is after I took the driver outside the tent. Been drawing air from the first floor where it is 10 degrees cooler. 6" duct to the lower tent opening. Added a 16" oscillating fan to move air above the plants and below the light. Humidity has been holding steady in the 60’s. I will be keeping a close eye on them this coming week as it is going to be upper 80’s and this is in the loft. Only place available for me, may be looking at adjusting time for lights on at night and off during the day to keep heat at a minimal.

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Amazing what 48 hours does for growth. The two Gelato’s are fast changing now.

Even the SD auto is starting to take off. She looks a little paler in color but I think she will come around.


This SD is beginning to perk up better, have one other who is quite yellow maybe too much water? Will post pics of it when I get back out to check on her.

Here is the SD Auto girl who has had yellow color for the last 2 weeks. I don’t recall the “organic” soil I used as I threw the bag out. However all 5 plants are in the same soil and this is the only one that is yellow. So I am leaning towards too much water and have cut back as here pot feels heavy yet. Any ideas would be appreciated.

The other small SD is slow growing also but at least she is green. The other SD is in the above post.

T/H 85/62%
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In my original post at the top she is the smallest one of the group and was yellow then too.

Now At 4 weeks and so far so good. Starting to see better growth, still only watering @6.2 ph. Ignore the temp as this is not correct. May need a new digital.

The queen of the batch sure is looking pretty, Gelato Photo. Looking to transplant her this weekend in 5 gal fabric.

The best Sour D auto is starting to get some height now too.

Can’t wait to see what a few days will bring.

Pics from today of my two favorite girls. They are in a good growth spurt right now. no water today

Gelato Photo

SD Auto

Checked on plants at 130 today. 92 outside. They all look good and only the gelato needed a drink.

Even the runt is getting her color. On the gelato I have a ?. Would one fim,top and wait until after transplant Saturday?

The SD will probably get trans planted too then start last.

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Transplanted the two bigger girls today in their 5 gallon perma homes. Filled the bottoms and sides with Happy Frog and mycorrhizae each got a liter of 6.2 ph water. Will do a wellness check later in the day to see how they are doing. The Gelato came out good in one piece, the SD auto not so much, she got the bigger of the drinks due to the loosen roots.


Now this brings me to the SD auto. After transplanting her I noticed pistils circled in green, appears after only 5 weeks she is wanting to go into flower. What do the rest of you think? I know should not transplant autos but I was left with no choice. Can LST still be done at this stage?


Here they are in their new spaces.

Will update more this weekend.

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Checked on the girls after a few hours yesterday and both looked perky and no droop from the transplanting. Checked today and brought my Nikon D800 to take some macro shots of the Sour D.

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Rearranged the tent some today. Added the carbon filter to the fan and hung the second set of lights. All five got some 6.2 ph water.

Checked on the girls today and started LST on the SD Auto. Will be topping the Gelato closer to this weekend I think.

Checked on the girls today. Pulled the SD auto down more and rotated the pot. She looks good in red.

Was going to fim the Gelato Photo today but want a little more growth so I can see the fim line better. Pretty busy area in that top

I fimmed the small Gelato today and gave her a drink. Gave her a drink after. Transplant this weekend.

Daily checkup on the girls today. I did fim the large Gelato this afternoon, at least I hope I caught enough of her.

The small Gelato I did yesterday appears to have no side effects from the haircut. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have five plants total and am thinking of taking this one (SD #3)outdoors and let her fend pretty much for herself, giving here a drink when needed. She is all of 5" tall and struggling besides 5 is too many for a 4x4 grow. She is in flower and not as yellow as the pic shows something about the way I take the pic can show more yellow.

The other SD #2 is short but nice looking and started in flower too.

SD #1 I added another tiedown to her head and rotated her 1/4 turn. She is coming along fine and I love to watch her grow daily now.

Again this plant is not yellow at all as seen in the following pic, has to due with how I hold the phone I think.