Lucky with the weather when drying Bubblegum!

It may not taste like bubblegum, but when it was alive I’d rub their stems and then smell. It was just like Bazooka Bubblegum.
Drying and curing was difficult due to the need for stealth . It smelled so much I had to dry in the shed, so I could not control humidity. Just lucky that after a long hot humid summer, it became pretty dry when I needed it to. Dried in a week. All jarred up now.
My girls did not receive optimal sun as they were planted in a way not to be noticed. So out of four plants I have two large mason jars of buds.


I didn’t notice the bubblegum smell from the plant or buds. They do smell wonderful though.

Congrats on the harvest.

I want to grow this strain.

Yup congrats on the harvest.