Lucas Based Nutes. What Supplements to add?

Ok so…

Using 40ml / 5 gal of micro and 40 (going to 80 in bloom) of bloom. Both GH. I also use a humic/fulvic product and armor si silica by GH. I have the Fox Farms bloom trio of open sesame beastie budz and cha ching. I have Bud Candy as a sweetner and Great White for Roots. At the moment im using several different mediums to grow. Hydro, Coco coir, and Grodan blocks primarily. Have a couple in each, nothing big. Just for myself. So I want the best. What else would go with my lineup?

resin enhancer , stalk strengthener , and terpenoids enhancer , many use mammoth p , Crystal storm , Floraliscious , bud factor X , terpinator but it’s many to choose from maybe some of the more season growers will chime in to help .

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Thanks. Would love to hear ideas on things that stack with what im doing.

Thanks yoshi. Ill look those up

It’s just a few to name like humbolts secret golden tree, but many nutrient brands has most trace elements of some of those benefits in them like the trio powder nutrients by fox farm which is good stuff.

Anyone ? Bueller ?