LST: little too far, little too late

I am still in early flower on this jawa pie auto. I have some really nice (I think) bud sites forming. I tried to tie off the sides to gain some seperation but unfortunately one of them (left side) cracked right at the main stem. As soon as I saw it, I reversed the tie from holding it down and tied it off the the main stem to keep it supported so it didn’t fold all the way down and break off.

I am really dissapointed in myself, should have just left it alone, lesson learned. But I am remaining somewhat hopeful that it will heal similar to a supercrop… maybe :crossed_fingers:

Anything else I can do to help save this? Should I untie the right side and just let it go all-natural at this point?

It doesn’t look too bad, give it a few days of rest and it should be fine.

If you’re going to try super cropping, after the stems have become woody like that, try picking a point along the branch and keep bending and working it until it’s a little more flexible and then bend at that point until it creases. Then when you tie it down it will cause much less stress at the joint.

@CurrDogg420 appreciate the reply. Really wasnt intending to supercrop was just trying to open up the canopy a little bit- My need to mess with things came back to bite me! One day I will learn to leave well enough alone…

Apply some honey as an antiseptic. You can tape it up, and it will heal. I use white athletic tape because it has some stretch to it.


@MeEasy posted a journal from grow weed easy com interesting read Nebula’s Auto-Flowering Grow Journal (Topping vs Natural). Might apply to your grow too. I am sure that break will heal… Honey and electrical or duct tape heal everything :ok_hand: