LST for the plant maybe

This is in of itself stressful. For me. Haha. So worried ill do something stupid. I Did a little LST on these today and I topped em a couple days ago so I’m just a little nervous. Im sure they’ll be fine. I watched a video!


your girls are happy getting a little tied down. Copy and paste below so we can learn more about your grow

@Farmer189 Did your back left one snap when you bent her over? Thought it might be black tap around her at the bend possibly?

Yes the one in back was the first one I did. It got away from me before I decided to bend em and i ended up cracking the stem but I think she liked it. The two I did lst on last night were uprighted this morning looking happy.
These are Cali Tahoe OG Kush grown from seed in solo cups with starter plugs placed in Foxfarm Happy Frog. I watered lightly with a small spray bottle and kept the soul moist but not wet. They germinated under a Viparspectra 2000 at about 25% intensity and then I slowly added until they were at 50% under the VS2000. I fed them with a seedling solution that came with the “rapid rooter” plugs. Its from ez grow and its 9-45-15. I fed about 1/4 to 1/2 recommended on bottle. I transplanted into 10 gal grow bags once the seedlings were thriving in the cups needing water twice or more a day. They went into FF Ocean Forest with the top third Happy Frog. I threw Dynomyco in the hole to help roots take off. They never even looked back. I moved them into a 4x4 tent with a Viparspectra 4000 set at 50% and about 40" away. Ive been straight water since they went in on 04/02/22. I rotate the plants regularly and have 3 fans going as well as two AC Infinity 6" inline fans. One pulling through a carbon filter in the tent and one pushing fresh air if needed. I have an 8" ACI inline pulling stale air from the room the tents are located. Last week I installed a new ductless mini split to keep it all just right. I topped em on the 7th, then went in on the LST a couple days later. I keep the temp at about 75 degrees or so and try to keep humidity between 50% and 60% RH.
Im in my garden several times a day checking on my plants. I water 10% or less of the container size but I sometimes water more often. I don’t water until I get runoff because I dont want the nutes in the delicious plant food soil to get washed away.


@Farmer189 Same here on the daily visits lol. Before I leave for work in the morning and multiple x’s in the evening I visit my grow room to see the girls. There’s a connection and a passion lol.

Very relaxing. Like watchin a campfire. Its mesmerizing to just watch em grow. Especially from seed. They can change hour to hour…

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