LST autos, tie off or stake down?

Talking to friends, and reading online people seem to be split. When it comes to LST, it seems as many like to tie off seedlings to the side of the pot as do stake them down using a wire stake.

Somehow stakes seem preferred and easier. Thoughts?


Truly I think the only reason tie off is better is when you’re going into your soil with them pointy stakes you could cut through roots. Personally I tie off the main cola and stake the little side branches.


I use clips and wire. Just easier adjusting for me. It’s a preference thing. I saw clips being used by other growers first, went with that. Had I used stakes first, I’d probably have other thoughts about it.


There’s a time and place for everything. If it’s too short to reach the side of the pot I will use a stake

If it’s big enough to reach the rim I tie it with wire to the pot with clips or use/make holes in the pot.

Then if they get too big and I don’t want to deal with wire running all the way through my plants I use 90° training clips or I use them sometimes instead of the tie down method

And when they get to big to hold up their own weight I go back to stakes

That’s really cool thing I found out about this plant there’s no right or wrong way just the way that works for you!!! Happy growing Growmie :love_you_gesture::call_me_hand::facepunch::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do both, not at the same time. I prefer the clips, as you can angle the stems better. Plus side is with the clips you can wait until tge start to flower and not disturb them much in veg. I do like to tie down photoperiod, I top, FIM those to many times so the clips bend the stem too much and the weight gets to heavy and I always end up taking it off. I haven’t tried the steaks. Probably won’t.

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This is my first auto and I did LST. Im used to topping and outdoor grows. I waited till the main started growing above the rest ot the plant before I decided to do it, like I said first auto and first indoor. I acually only had about 5-6 ties down to the pot eyelets. It was an experiment but seemed to work ok I guess, don’t really have anything to compare it to. Still have a few weeks before she’s ready. Happy growing!


Really nice grow. I’ll be real happy if mine turn out like that.

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Plants look good, nice job.

Thanks. I do think the LST made a big difference keeping the canopy at the same height more or less. I think I’m going back to photos though, they seem a little more forgiving. Good luck guys.


So I do have a question. I have never, since I grew my first plant not done some forms of training. Granted I have already FIM half. Will I get good returns if I do nothing but feed and defoliat goingforward?

I find tomato cages to be a good choice it lets you tie off wherever is convenient

It ugly but effective

You’ve only got the one plant, and you did a nice job low stress training it, do you even need the net for support?

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Oh ya…whats comming next will need support. Prob will have to add another net later.

One day difference after LST.

Day 2


Wow! That is amazing. Got your girls looking good. :+1:


At the 6 week mark and as follows
2/ 3gal GDP flowered at the 4 week mark and is now in itheir second week and looking good.

The GDP 5gal started flower in week 5 and is still the best looking structure wise.

The 7gal GDP started to show signs of flower yesterday

The Godzilla Cookies 3 gal starting to show hairs and I suspect will be in first week of flower next week.

The 2 GG4 are in 3gal and also are starting to get hairs. So they will also be in flower next week.

The Dutch passion is in a 3gal and started getting little hairs today and will be in flower next week.

Then there’s the Strawberry Banana in a 7 gal it is not showing any hairs and is continuing veg out and grow. I think it’s too soon to say I’m not sure if it’s an auto. But if it doesn’t flip on it’s own then I will treat it like a photoperiod and all it to continue to veg out in another tent.

All plants are dated at day 3 of seedlings stage which puts them at the 6 week mark.All are healthy, I grow organic and topped my soil for flower nutrients at week 4 which will carry them through th 7-9 weeks of flower. I will start to add boosters in week 2 for all. Which means this week I boosted the 3 gal GDP.

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My first try at LST, used ONLY stakes…I think it’s looking good for my rookie season!


You did well. Here’s my experience. The stakes work great early on. But as the plant grows and get stronger, the branches will eventually more and loosen up the stakes.
By that time the canopy should be more or less in place. When this happens I drop the stakes and begin tying down the smaller lower branches with garden wire so their buds get light, and grow to become decent buds, and not useless popcorn.


I agree with @Beard-O
Now i would use ties and go further out on each branch towards the ends and pull them back down. This will spread her out and provide more airflow and light to the inside and along the entire branch. Looking great so far.
Oh and welcome to the community. This is a great place to be. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions at all.

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