LSD has gone "Hermie"

I grew two LSD plants from ILGM feminized seed. It appears that one of them has grown into a true hermaphrodite and pollinated the other.

My question is: Is this a common occurrence with ILGM’s strain of LSD, or is this common with all breeder’s LSD?

How common is it with all strains of feminized seeds. Are some breeders feminized seeds more likely to produce hermies than others … see where I am going here? …

Any actual facts or first-hand experience on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

THANK YOU !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Check for light leaks if indoors. Or a high temp will do it. Or big temp swings

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Thanks for your reply! …

I keep an automated adjustment of the environment while growing. I check the PH of the run-off water when checking the last water feed in my feed schedule. My feed schedule is feed ( at 1/2 strength nutes) then water… water … I kinda looked around the tent when i put it up with the light on inside, didnt see “much” but i suppose much might have been much too much.

Thanks again for your reply, i do appreciate everyone’s input!

Best way to test for light leaks is to turn on lights in the room and sit in the dark tent for 20 minutes until your eyes adjust. You can listen to music, but not screens. I like to take masking tape in to mark any leak locations.


As to your question, stress will usually induce hermaphroditism in all female cannabis plants. There are some cultivars that are more sensitive to stress than others. There are some cultivars that are naturally prone to hermaphroditism, and it’s their genotype rather than their phenotype.


what keystonecops said

About light leaks…

What about the led lights on a switch? Or the panel on a fan that lights up? Or the red light on the auto timer thing, do those count as a leak as well?

Yes, but not every cultivar is going to flip out over them. It’s a good idea to black them out.

The theory I’ve heard that I want to believe is that the disparity in intensity between lights on and lights off is what matters. The moon is reflected sunlight, but the difference in intensity is so great that outdoor plants aren’t bothered by it. If your plant is directly under a powerful street lamp, you would have disruption to the dark period. But if that plant was 200 ft away, the effect would probably be minimal.

Based on this, my current thinking is to provide intense light during the day period to mitigate any unforeseen issues.

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