Lost a few seedlings, could it be the lighting?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m doing something wrong here.

It’s been three weeks and I’ve lost 4 of my seedlings. The pics are the last 2 I have and one is trying really hard. I want to say it could be the lighting, as I’m am using a friend’s what looks like a flood light as a source of lighting. He told me it should be fine for the purpose of growing because he used it before.
I’m currently using coco and a couple nutrients.
Stems are weak and fragile, seems to be growing pretty slow.

From what I can tell yes, your lights need to be much closer. Can you post a better picture of the stem/lighting setup?

Also you shouldn’t be using nutes quite this early…

Hi there, what kinda light is that? Is it the Halogen ? If it is you can’t get it to close they put out lots of heat. Also they are not good for growing. I got this from the net. “Don’t use regular incandescent bulbs (“grow bulbs”) or halogens to grow cannabis, this type of light generates huge internode spacing, poor vegetative growth, skimpy yields, and could set your grow room on fire due to the dangerous amounts of heat these lights produce. Spend your money wisely, invest in Fluorescent lighting (good), or High Intensity Discharge lamps (HID-- recommended). HID lighting such as Metal Halide (MH) or High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) supply the high-intensity light that cannabis needs for good growth and large buds.” Hope this helps.

Thanks 5sac.

it’s a flood light attached to a mic stand. and this the only plant I have left. I’m doing things totally wrong, and my wife just tossed my seeds in the trash by accident, so I’m double screwed. But it’s a learning experience for me.

Not sure what kind of light it is, but yes It does put out a Lot of heat. Thought this would work considering that MJ needs heat. I’m looking for a new light and now that my wife threw away my seed pack, seeds too. I’m open for any and all recommendations. Thanks for the help tlkbear.

Well if it’s halogen it’s the wrong light spectrum. This is why you need to look at bulb when it’s off to see.

You can used CFL lights to get better results than the light you have now , and it’s low budget . Google which lights needed for veg & flower .

That light is a halogen shop light. Way too hot and totally wrong for producing any kind of plant.

You never give seedlings nutrients until they have developed a root system. You can confirm this when the seedling has 4-5 alternating nodes.

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