Looks like pistils on seedling

I was wrong on this. Appears to be a piece of plant material after a closer look. :man_facepalming::joy:
And still no signs of a split on any of the new seed.
I’ll give them another 24 hours in towel but not a lot of confidence they’ll pop.
Put some in the freezer to see if that will help make a diff. I’ll give them a few days (week?) frozen and retry them again. :crossed_fingers::pray:

Playin with a lil bud hash and a hot water bottle tonite. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Put a half tsp of dry ice bud hash in some parchment paper and rolled it a bit.
When I saw the parchment darken a bit I rolled the bottle over it while pressing.
Wow. Just like old school blond. :yum:
Sort of. :joy::joy:
Few hits in the pipe and I’m feelin it pretty durn good about now.
Love it when a half assed stoner thought comes together on the good side. :joy:
Maybe I’ll luck out with a freeze on the seeds to simulate a winter. Lol.

What’s in ur bowl tonite ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Smoke em if ya got em. :partying_face:

Almost forgot a pic. :joy::joy:

Stay safe. :pray:


Edit. I really need to look a some glass.
Need a new bowl if I’m gonna keep at this.


Good evening @peachfuzz sir fuzz my friend. :pray:


How’s things on your side ? :v:


Hell yeah, that’ll work my friend :muscle::muscle::love_you_gesture:


My Brother that almost looks dangerous!
:rofl::joy::sweat_smile: I hope you have a fantastic day!


Thank you my brother. :pray:

I know right :joy::joy:

Should be dry in another couple days or so.
I’ll try to get a weight from him on the final outcome. :grin:
Sure smelled good. :yum::partying_face:
Hope you have a good one too.


Not to bad my friend…
Running a bunch of new beans like you… :+1:
Get back to you with a little list when i get back to the house , not sure off hand…
My back has been out for 4 weeks now so im not moving like i should be at the moment, but im off getting water and stuff that can’t and wont wait… :man_facepalming:t3:
Hopefully all’s good in your neck of the wood’s brother…
Ill keep in touch brother and always watching… :+1:t3:
:v:t4: :sunglasses:


Happy Monday folks.

The next 24 hrs. :man_facepalming:
Hope ya got ur boots handy. :joy::joy:

Upcoming week.

:cold_face::cold_face: Brrrrrr. :snowflake::cloud_with_snow::wind_face:

Stay safe out there.


“F” me brother! Good thing you have all that firewood my friend. Stay safe out there :love_you_gesture:


And it starts all over again :man_facepalming:

Stay safe Pappy :peace_symbol:


OG. Kapt. Thanks fellas. :pray:
Takin the day off to work out some back kinks from yesterday. :man_facepalming:
Did a lift , twist , pop. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: with some of that firewood.
Couple gummies and an anti inflammatory for now.
Have a safe one my friends. :pray::v:


Hate hearing that Brother, good thing is you’re medicating with the good stuff. Rest up my friend :love_you_gesture:


We resting brother. :grin::+1:

On another note. :thinking:

Only 2 spit tails on the germ test.
One of each.
From AOC on left. From LCM on right.

I’ll put the AOC in a cup and see what develops as it was the first one out.

Hey brother @kaptain3d
When you sexed ur new starts did you go 12/12 from the start or give them a couple weeks on 24 first. Had a scroll back thru ur journal but couldn’t find it. :man_shrugging:


The last batch was 12/12 from the start. As soon as I dropped them in the Solo cup, they were put with another flowering girl at 12/12. :nerd_face:


Thanks for that brother. Appreciated. :pray:
Take long for them to show btw ?


Only about 2 weeks. I couldn’t believe how fast it was… Might be a fluke, but that was super fast. :nerd_face:


That was fast. :grin:
Appreciate the info brother.


It’ll make your day every time! Lol


It did indeed. :joy:. Thank you. :pray:

Kids in the tent this Mornin.

Newest addition in the back on left. :wink:
Shell is still on but just about to fall off.
I’ll leave it do it’s thing. Think I probably hurt a couple of the first round “ helping them “.
One of the blue kush is a lil small yet.
And I def rubbed a LCM the wrong way. :man_facepalming:
Hurt both cots.
But the first leaves are starting to show. We’ll see if it picks up a bit over the next few.
Light is at 40% and 24 in. I’ll start brining it down a bit this week to 18 in.

Lil 4 in fan is actually moving the tray water around more than you’d expect. :+1:
Helping get the rh up into the lower 40’s
Just refilled the tray with my tap and some peroxide to help with the greenies. :nauseated_face:
Why it’s at 35 % on screen :wink:

Stay safe. Stay lit. Stay kind folks.
Have a blessed day.



Oh Yeah! Pappy le Pew in action! :star_struck:


:joy::joy:. Haha. . Thanks brother. :grin: