Looks like pistils on seedling

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before.

Were started 10 days ago. They are still in domes and the rest seem to be progressing well. Just this lil one seems to be different. It was the last seed to pop a tail of the 6 I started.

Here’s the rest.
I’m in pro mix. Temps have been 28-30 deg c. Moistened soil when I put the pods into cups 2 days ago but not very wet.
Any help @MattyBear. @Covertgrower. @Liljoe. And anyone else that may have seen this. Thanks all. Peace. :v:


They look like just small, developing leaves to me. They’re yellowish in color so I wouldn’t guess they are pistils.


I know they’re not really pistils but that was what came to mind when I saw them tonite when I checked :grin:. Just diff than the rest. :wink::v:


@Oldguy I’ll check when I get home. Sketchy service at the moment. Pictures didn’t load.


Just watch the water amount. Let them dry out some before watering again :v::bear:


I will. Thanks @MattyBear. It is the start of another ( hopefully fewer issues ) grow.
You guys rock with all your help. :grin:
Peace. :v:


Im late to the party @Oldguy but I agree with the others and wouldnt worry about her. They all looking good buddy


Thanks @Liljoe. I’m not too worried bud.
Just never seen the tips do this. :thinking:
I was noticing 2 have rounded tips on fans which is more of a curiosity than any concern. We all good. :+1::grin:
Hope ur week went well and the girls are well. Peace bro. :v:


Been a busy week…as usual lol. I may have to re-do all my clones I made last week(15)
I made a foiler spray with my pro mix root booster stuff and I think it burnt most of them. Its been 8 days and still no sign of roots forming either. Also I think I may go back to my bubbler for now so I can do a few refinements to my aero cloner I made last week also. But my girls in other 2 rooms doing great

Those r the T99 clones I got back from my buddy, they doing much better now, sittin about 20 inches from 1000watt M/H now.

And those are my big mama’s, T99 OGK and GSC. that little clone I put into hydro aboht 3 weeks ago now i think, is the top right corner in pic.


@Liljoe. I’ve got the new mh already in the new light and ready to go. Can’t wait. :wink:
Your girls look awesome bro. Holy s it :+1:
Those clones u got back have certainly improved a lot in the time U had them.
U gotta have a horseshoe somewhere. :rofl:.
And ur lil water baby is rockin too. Sweet

Here’s the light I got. How far when u first put them under is the light to tops ?


Beauty, looks good hangin. When I put my clones under the 1000w, I had it 2 feet from top of plants. But then I placed them around the outside edges for the 1st 2 days then moved them closer to under light for anoth 2 days, then directly under it. Hope that made sense lol u just dnt wnna give them full intensity at 1st


No brother it made perfect sense. I knew I had to ease them into it just not quite how.
I just turned it on so I could see the meters
new speed. :flushed:. Don’t think I’ll be doing 20//4. :sweat_smile:
Probably do at 18/6 for whole grow.
Frisian Dew autos. Had them before and really like the smoke after. :+1:
Really good for an end of day use. And the stiff joints. Been out of for bout a year now so really looking forward to this one.
Not quite sure what I’m puttin outside this year but it’s gonna be autos for sure.
You enjoy ur day brother. I gotta cut some plywood for the floor. And maybe cut the 10 in hole for the new inline fan. :grin::+1::v:


I think they get Pistols when you are in flower or budding stage

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My little seedling is starting to come along now. Gonna end up with a triple top on this one.

This is really a good thing after all. Thanks for the reassurance @MattyBear. @Covertgrower. @Liljoe. :grin::+1:
This one is off and running. Peace. :v:


Rite on buddy!!


Totally cool man! They are all very healthy.


Found you :slightly_smiling_face:

What strains are your Autos ?


I’m doing Frisian dew auto. Supposed to get quite purple in the buds but last few I grew didn’t have any. All green but last ones were under a blurple (cheaper ) but now with the hps I’m hoping for better. :v:


Somewhat similar to girls scout cookies extreme…?

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@GreenCoat. They are a cross of a skunk female and a purple star male. Not sure how close to GSC they are. Bout a 50/50 hybrid. Good head and body both. :grin::+1::v:
Good mold and pest resistance too.