Looks like my first bud

Is that what i think it is?


yes that is a white top…flower has begun…let the party begin!


Wwa 5 weeks and 1 day old


Clock starts now at least 7 weeks maybe more depending on strain, they look great man, keep up the good work :smiley:

Thx dennis.they r wwa from igm


The stems r enormous.i have to figure out when to start adding cal mag and up my mollases.

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Yes they are nice bushy girls, going to start streachin now going into flower. WW is mostly indica so 7 to 10 weeks depending on your individual plant. You can introduce cal mag anytime, most people do cal mag on water only day, if your feed schedule has a water only :smiley: I personally don’t know about molasses.

I water a liter ever other day.i give 5ml of mollasses per liter every other feeding.

Dennis this is my first grow ever so i know nothing what i am doing.i knkw i have looked at 100s of pics and ive never seen the main stems that big.

Okay you are off to a great start, but I would like more info. What size bags are u using? And what soil ?

Growing in ffof and ffhf with a super soil concentrate.no nutes just mollases so far.ive been told ill jave to add cal mag during flowering

Bags r 5 gallons on a mars hydro fc 8000.i veg pretty much on a vivosun 400 watt but when my new light came in i put it togrther and put them under the mars.

And i also added perlite to soil mix.its a suoer soil concentrate from amazon.and i also added real worms to the soil.

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Congratulations!! it’s a girl on 420!! Good job.


Thx beachglass

I think your doing fine, yes most cal mag issue come in flower so adding it is advised. Seems like a small amount of water at the size of your plant. 1 liter is not a lot. I see crates but no catch pan or over flow. I use two liter in my 3 gal pots to get a little run off every other day in flower. I water to run off to use my ppm meter to see how much nutrients are in my soil.

This is my first grow and i messed up a lot of things.i do have a drip pan nut its inside the crate.

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Sorry got called away, especially since you are going into flower they drink more, so you should be wetting the whole pot, by now, i judge how deep and wide to water, to how tall and wide my girls are. I want water as deep as the plant is tall and when the leafs touch the side of the pot I wet all the way to the edge. And i judge when to water by the weight of the pot, youll be able to feel a light pot and a wet pot, but don’t dry out too much as you can stress a plant but should be fine for every couple days or more. You will be able to see how much water she takes up and adjust from there. They are going to stretch over the next two weeks and she is going to be growing new leafs branches and bud, she will drink a lot lol… but like I said you are looking awesome so far and your girls are happy and healthy so your nutes seem to be working well. And i saw you saw my banana, was a good grow, had 3 plants in my closet, almost 1/4 pound each. And have a new grow two weeks in, ill tag you so you can see how I do things if youd like. Gotta go to dinner here in a few but ill check back later :smiley:

Ok yea tag me that woukd be awesome and thx again.

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@Toffnkbl ice to meet your young lady!! Looks like she’s on her way to womanhood lol!!!

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