Looks like my first bud

I’m on my first grow, used a similar medium FFOF and FFHF with super/living soil. FWIW I haven’t added any calmag; the only additional nutrients I’ve used are two rounds of compost tea poured over the pots (about 1 quart each). I made the tea following the instructions from the living soil producer’s website.

Best I can tell I haven’t had any significant nutrient issues.

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U got any pics?

I think they may be experiencing a bit of stress from proximity to the grow light. I can’t raise it any higher and tallest Cola’s are only a few inches below the light. I have each plant in a 3 gallon smart pot and I am using a sub-irrigated bed, so most of my watering is bottom up. I think @MeEasy communicated the importance of keeping the top few inches of living soil damp so I also spray the dirt around the stem most days and pour a cup or two of water every couple of days.


Very nice

@AClizzle you don’t appear to have any light burns so far. Also they are probably done stretching, you look to be deep into flower. Is your light dimmable worse case scenario? Play it day by day!!

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The jagged edges of the leaves in the bottom rt corner (if that’s what you are looking at) looks like a little wind burn but mine do that a lot mostly right where the fan hits the most. If you’re worried that the light is to close you can tie the branch to one side or the other, the sides of the light are not as intense as directly under the middle

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If you have to tie them back down away from the light as the cupped up leaves are indicating heat stress.

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@Toffnkbl mine are just about the same as yours, wwa, maybe a week behind, i keep thinking I’m getting close to flower, but I can’t tell

Yes i would agree with u about the timeline.what kind of medium and light r u using?

Very nice looking ladies u have there.

FFOF soil and a 100 watt led from Amazon, you?

Ok im using a supersoil from amazon mixed with ffof and ffhf and perlite.my light is a mars hydro fc 8000.the bottom 1/3 of my pots are supersoil concentrate .

I took the supersoil concentrate (420 grams ) and put it at the bottom and filled a 1/3 of the pot with ffof and ffhf and stirred the crap out of it and then filled the rest with ffof and ffhf soaked it down and put worms in it and let it cook for at least 3 weeks.minevonly did a week.i been just using distilled tap water ph = 6 and water mollases every other feed.