Looking for led light

150 true watts and 200$

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This is a good choice, @Fever


Hoping it’s helping you, my friend :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:


Meizhi 450w - 192w real (I hope :slight_smile:)
3 $300w meizhi (130w each)

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Worried about heat with the 450 as I already have two in the tent.
Worried about the cf grow light as it may be too good and make my harvest lopsided

I have 2 450 meizhi’s and need 100-200 more true watts. Should I get the cheap mezhi and then look to upgrade the whole light system at a later date?

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If i was you I will buy 2 300w meizhi… And you will end up with at least 200w real… I think… Now depending if that is the real power… You will need something to measure them.
Maybe @ktreez420 will share his opinion about the roleandro 300w?


I have the Meizhi and they are actually fantastic for veg but I think a little blue spectrum for bloom. I bought some Laputa 1,000 watt with a more red spectrum that my kill-a-watt says draws exactly 200 watts. I’m happy with them. I have 3 in my grow box.


@Fever, with the CF in the middle and your Meizhi on both side, you should be able to have a fairly equal light distribution if you put the Mezhi a little bit lower than the CF,… However, if you’re really worried, stick with Mezhi buy
what you feel you’re needed and upgrape later. …imo

And of course, they’re plenty of other light that can do the work, like Roleandro or Mars hydro or King plus in that range of price :wink:


Do you have one of them @Niala?

I just received an email from a company selling a whole line of lights that look similar to that. You can choose from 4,6, or 9 led models. And you can choose from a couple of different Cree cobs, citizen cobs, or the multi diode bridgelux pcb. Prices looked good, but shipping was expensive.


The CF? No. I only have 1 King plus double 5 W diodes chips ~1000 W equivalent. However, if I not going to build one, these are going to be in my top list :wink::relaxed:

I was in the merge of tagging you, @dbrn32, lol :wink: :innocent:

Do you have a suggestion ? Your expertise is always welcome :grinning:

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Just bought the smaller cf system (300watt)

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Plenty of suggestions here haha!

If @Fever is wanting to stay with led, and doesn’t mind a handful of screws and a couple of electrical connections, an hlg quantam board kit would be really good here. I think they are expecting more in stock soon, so you would definitely want to be on top of that. @MAXHeadRoom would probably know the stock situation if that’s a reasonable suggestion.

I think my biggest thing would be taking into consideration what fever is looking to move toward if upgrading tent. It may make more sense to just hold off and put the money toward that. It always comes down to vision and budget.

Going by the specs, the light you posted looks pretty good. The description says cob, but I think they are pcb’s if they come from bridgelux. So it would probably fit pretty good between the current lights, just as you suggested. I don’t know if there’s a better light going by that, for the cost, available on amazon.

Tasty led has a 4 cob fixture that looks similar, but is 200 watts of gen7 Vero 29 for $360. It’s more power and higher cost than he’s looking for, but should also be a considerable upgrade in amount of par per watt. The area would really dictate if that’s a good light moving forward. It’s probably good for up to a 3x3, with ideal footprint of 2x2.

Timber kits start just a little over $200, again if something like that is an option. I think closer to $300 for finished light. I suppose you would pick the one that best fits what you’d be upgrading to.

If your light, or any of the lights I picked don’t work, I’d get nothing and save for the upgrade. We’re probably about sew some new stuff, could bring down pricing on everything that seems a little out of reach at the time.


It should do the trick :wink::relaxed: @Fever

I think so too … :smiling_face: They also offer some “real” COB with Cree CXB 3590 for around double this price…

Thanks for the input, @dbrn32

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Thanks @dbrn32 and @Niala

With this 300 watt addition I have 41.5 true watts per sq ft

Yes I saw the video on the cf unit and it was impressive I may want to get a few of them when I upgrade


That’s interesting. I’m gonna include a screenshot of the pdf that was attached to email. It looks like the same light, with the same options, just a different name.

I see the Chinese are up to the same ol’ stuff lol. This one was a little over $400 with cxb3590 and meanwell dimming driver.


Was it 300 watts? Thought I read like 215, 15 of which is probably fans. 50 watt per board sounds about right too.

Either way, long as it will work…

Wrong screenshot. That one is different line from same distributor. @Niala @Fever


@dbrn32 Lol :sweat_smile: :wink:, it more like this one… They offer praticly the same , at first look, indeed :+1:

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Just waiting for people to start posting how much better one is over the other. Then we’ll have gone full circle on the cobs too haha!

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I got the 300 watt version not the 600 watt version so it’s only like 115 true watts