Looking for led light

He bought the 300 W equivalent model that draw about 115 W @dbrn32

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Lol :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink:, we were writing at the same time, @Fever

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I missed that sorry @Fever.

I just ordered my dad an HLG 260w quad board kit and it’s AMAZING! I usually build my own cob led lights and have a couple fixtures from Amazon that it retrofit with citizen cxm22’s and cree 3590’s. They kick butt, but aren’t as good as the quad board kit my dad has.


@dbrn32 @Indica_Dogo
Trust me I was leaning on that direction but better to build a system for my upgrade as this is just supplemental

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No worries amigo. It’s not like they’re the only way to grow weed.

Hlg did it right though. You can get everything you need straight from them, at a reasonable cost per performance. And it doesn’t take an electrician to put them together. If they could just keep the damn things in stock, we’d be set!

Can’t go wrong building your own.

Yeah man I waited for the 260w kit for over 2 weeks . And it was really easy to assemble, it took less then 30 minutes.


I got an e-mail from Robin from HLG and he said they would have some available this weekend. They will go very quickly. They are ramping up production and should have stock continually available by the end of October.

I got 4- QB304 boards on the last go around and built a hybrid light. I had notice that the trichrome production was increased under the red and blue china lights but growth was better with the quantum boards. so I mix the 2 together.

Its to late in this grow to really tell if its going to work, but in theory it should be the best of both worlds. Now you know what to do with your old lights :rofl:


Woow :eyes::heart_eyes:!!! @MAXHeadRoom, I really like your approach and what you did here :+1::ok_hand:It’s a a genius idea, man…You make my “head hamster” happy and running fast for my plan to build one , lol :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink: :innocent: :v:

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They are really easy to build and wire. I have no electrical background and I did it so you can too.
The frame is 3/4 x 1/8 aluminum angle. I rivet mine together. Its just drilling holes and cutting straight.
I’m making another one just like it as we speak
This is way cheaper then trying to add red or blue diodes around the existing Q-boards, and if it burns out, just by another $75 light to replace it. Plug and play

This adds about 100 watts to the build

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Mars hydro 600w

MarsHydro Mars 600W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum ETL Certificate for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing 265W ±10% True Watt Panel

It’s a little more powerful than you asked for yes but a lot cheaper than you wanted.

My Morsen Max 5 COB is BRIGHT-- makes my old VIPAR 600 Spectra look like a flashlight on a sunny day. I realize that all of the choices for COBs have their arguments; the differences in spectra are relatively small, but intensity determines passage to vegetation below the canopy, where PAR is converted to sugars that fuel resin production. I spent a lot of time trying to decide which COB was brightest… too much time to spend on a $169 light. I’d prefer a professional lighting system for 2 grand-- but you can do pretty well for a tenth that price.