Looking for feeedback: Slow Bud Growth

I’m growing the lowryder auto and am concerned my bud growth isn’t what it should be. Basic run down of my set up:

LED lit grow box (DIY)
Coco Coir with Air Pots
Elite Nutes at Half strength ever other day (800-900 ppm)

  • using basic tap water that has set for two days to gas off chlorine
    pH’d to 5.8 - 6.0

Only getting thumb sized buds and by all accounts they should be bigger. Thoughts?

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The guys here are going to ask for pics…we love pics. Also are the buds tight, or look like there going to be fluffy? I’m new here, so won’t be of much help, but thought I would get the ball rolling

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How long into flowering?

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Pics? How long into flowering? Type of LED? How close to the plant is it?

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Same questions I’d ask, what led are you running and what’s your light schedule?

Maybe even feeding schedule, nitrogen tox can lead to popcorn buds.

@JackFlash how long have your plants been in flowering? The buds tend to bulk up later in flowering so depending on how far along they are they still could have time to put on weight.

Also, depending on when you are in flower, 900 ppm with coco seems low. They might simply need more nutes.

It’s been 9 weeks, I’m running T8 LED bulbs at the moment each pushing 1100 lumens (unmeasured). 14 inches between plant and LED. Temp at leaf canopy is 75 degrees.

How many of them lights do you have, and what’s the wattage and color temp of each?