Lights for New Grower

This is my first grow. I have a 4x2 grow tent. Planting 4 autos to start. Going in soil. I have a viparspectra p1000 and a p2500. Should/can i use both or not needed? Please any info you can share would be great!

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I think you’ll be fine with just the the p2500.


Great. Thank you #bobbydigital

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Hi welcome to the forum let me first say I’M NEW in first grow now about 6 weeks. The forum is great have helped me a lot along the way. Now important stuff the moderators are awesome and normally right, also I looked at ppfd map thought about buying 1 my self p2500, should be enough and add your smaller later in grow to make sure u get better canopy penetration. Hopefully others will tag in but 4 in a 4x2 might be really tight on space. Example I use 5 gal fabric pots, 1 pot is 10-12 inches wide so see how 4 of them run out of room, plus ur space between to allow good airflow, also space for fans, humidifier or de-hum. I started 3 in a 27,27 and now trying to save $ for bigger tent cause out of room, my girls are touching walls and overlapping not good. I continue to make mistakes and try to post them all to help other, on this forum no such thing as stupid question, only stupid question is the one I don’t ask and come back to bite you, example Did u know when u water every once in awhile supposed to water so much to get run off out the bottom? Did not ask now dealing with root lock and flush, I should of ask, good luck

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Hey thanks for the reply. That is great info! U really are supposed to flush during the grow and not just before harvest?


Good day I’m new to growing and my plants or only a few days old and I recently bought a grow light but I don’t know what settings to use for my plants

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Hopefully this helps this it is a feed schedule for fox farm nutes and it has the flush through out the whole grow. This is the schedule I’m working with now.

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What grow lights are you using?,3/dp/B082YWKWGH/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=1IA405JH4OQMB&dchild=1&keywords=indoor+grow+lights&qid=1630621293&sprefix=indoor+grow&sr=8-3#

That’s the link to light that I bought it doesn’t have a name one the package

@Krisjmd1 Oh you could put that a few inches from the plant. Are you just using it for a seedling light?

Was planning on using it for the entire grow
But how should I use it plants are three days old

That’s not going to be sufficient light to grow a full plant. Good for seedlings but that’s about it.

Should I use red and blue only or red blue and white I’ve already set it to a twelve hour cycle

I would give them everything those lights have.

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Good morning all
It’s been 5 days since my last post and my plants haven’t grown a inch since then what you recommend I should do

Post a pic when can, ? how close is ur light, is ur light turned all the way up ? Type of soil ?

You’ve got them in pretty large pots so all the growth happing is in the root zone. Once the plant roots grow a sufficient enough root ball it will start putting energy into growing more leaves.

You really need more photons on your grow.
Here’s a light they may be able to get you to the promised land……
MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Light 2x2ft Coverage Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp Plants Growing for Hydroponic Indoor Seeding Veg and Bloom Greenhouse Growing Light Fixtures Four for 4x4 Footprint