First time grower, being gifted lights, need opinions

Hey all! I am brand new to growing (if I don’t count an amateur attempt at growing in a closet that had to be stopped before I got to harvest…) and I have a question! Well, lots of questions, but for the sake of this post, I just need to know if a specific light setup will work. My mom has some lights from growing garden veggies, and is giving them to me, if they’ll work. The company website has different lights available as well – the ones currently in it are just for starting seedlings. I would get appropriate spectrum lights as long as this setup in general will work!
My setup is a 4x4 grow tent, in my spare room. I don’t have my supplies all yet, as Im just getting started. I have been reading tons of posts here, but it’s so much info that Im overwhelmed, but want to do it right while on a relative budget. I plan to grow in soil, and I will have an exhaust fan and filter, and fans to manage temp. I will only have 3-4 plants at a time (unknown kinds, getting a mixed bag of spares).

Anywho. This is the setup she has – and she has 2 of them:

Advice is GREATLY appreciated. I am soon excited to start this hobby journey. I can barely sleep at night because Im thinking about it all so much. Haha! Give me all your knowledge. Specific suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!!!

Hi - welcome to the forum and the journey. Those lights won’t cover a 4x4 space. Maybe 2x2.

My specific suggestion is to be up to speed on the use of digital pH and ppm meters, calibrating them, pH your water or water/nute solution to 6.5 if you are in soil, and measuring your runoff. Also, check to make sure your soil is not a time release fertilizer, like most miracle gro products. Here’s a shopping list I have for reference. Also, check out the Guides section, lots of reading, download the grow bible - it’s not an overwhelming read.

Best of luck and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

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Thank you for the feedback! Would 2 of those light setups be enough? Because that’s what it’d be. Could I use those and then supplement with extra lights as well?
I read the Grow Bible last night, and I think I understand most of the stuff besides nutes and lighting. It can be overwhelming! Lol.

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It is a little overwhelming. You are on the right path.

Those lights will work and can be combined with other lights to cover the entire 4x4 footprint.

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Is kelvin more important than wattage? Im reading so much info and Im not absorbing any of it.
Like the website for the company that has this light setup also has specific bulbs available for different stages of growth – example, AgroMax 2ft T5 Grow Light Bulb - 6400K | HTG Supply
– a 6400k grow/veg spectrum bulb, but only 24w? and then the flower/red spectrum stage bulb is 3000k and also 24w.

I keep reading about like 600-1000w bulbs…so this seems super low and Im confused how it could be good enough? Ahhhh! HELP ME. Haha.

General rule of thumb is 50watts (actual watts measured at the wall, not marketing watts) per square foot. So @110w one of those fixtures would be good for 2sq feet. A 1’x2’ space. You could get by with less than 50w/sq ft in veg, but you’ll need every bit during flower.

6400k is a great veg spectrum but lacking for flower. 3500k is a good all around spectrum for both veg and flower.

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Thank you! Ive definitely read about the 50w sqft rule, which is why I was confused by the low wattage stuff.
Would you recommend that (since Im getting this setup for free) I go with the 3500k throughout, and supplement with other bulbs? If so, what reasonably priced supplemental bulbs or at least specs to look for, would you suggest?

Since it’s free… does it come with the 6400k bulbs and you’d be buying 3500k?
I’d thInk 2 of those fixtures, with 6400k bulbs would probably squeak out a 2’x4’ vegging space. I wouldn’t necessarily advise buying more of those fixtures.
I’m a big fan of quantum boards/light strips and cob lights. There are many threads here discussing them and even some diy threads that could save you money.
I have several friends that swear by their cmh lights. They’re not overly expensive and if you have the space and can deal with the heat they do produce great results.

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Im not sure which bulbs it has currently, won’t know until Thursday when I visit the fam. I won’t buy another of this setup though, since it seems weak and I want to do this somewhat right. I was thinking I could at least get my seeds started, and then buy some more lights. Someone here suggested this:
and I think I like it, then maybe DIY a few supplementals? I have a direction to look now at least, thanks soon much @Drinkslinger!

Those lights you have will work great for vegg. If heat is not an issue, look into the 315w cmh grow lights, then use your t5s to fill in gaps. You can get the 315w in 3000k, although growweedeasy recommends getting 4100k. I have the 3000k version and it works great. If you do go led, get quantum boards everyone is building. Also roleadro has a way better version of the led you posted. I have 2 of the 300w ones and I like them


@HornHead is this the one you mean? They don’t have the 300w version, just 600.

Yep, that’s it. But, 2 if the 300s would be better. You can spread them out and have a bigger footprint

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Get a good light.

Hey Lou made the jump. Will be watching.