Lights? Check.... Water? Check.... Soil? How the heck am i supposed to use this? 0_o

Hey 0_o

Im Nanashi and i have not the first solid clue how to use soil.
I understand the basics

To Check slurry / Runoff for PH and EC But not specifically how to do it …water when dry… leafy end points up…Usually

But i dont know many more things

i.e. i thought roots organics was a seed to harvest soil and its looking like that might not be the case for me as im starting to see some minor yellowing and spotting (altho im using high intensity light and CO2 so they should be just burning threw Nutes) and was just Told that they should be getting fed by now (5 GAL Fabric pots Roots organics (Greenfields extra moisture retention) AutoFlower Gorilla Glue#4 at 6 weeks and just starting to flower)

I have a soil meter (PH moisture and light) as well as a regular PH pen and EC pen

I was hoping someone with some solid soil experience could Roll with me on this 0_o

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Roots won’t get you seed to harvest. Depending on how heavy the plants feed, I’ve had roots make it 6 weeks without needing nutes and I’ve had it go 3 weeks and nutes were needed. I go by runoff ppm to determine when the soil is depleting. When I get under 1000 ppm, time for nutes.

This is really only good to check moisture in your soil. The other probes/sensors are useless. I ripped the ph probe off of mine so I wasn’t making 2 holes every time I checked moisture level.



Lol good to know… I was wondering about that thing 0_o

So how do i go about the testing…anything special or just water with straight R.O. and test the run off for tds and PH

I plain water (once the plant is established) until the pot is fully saturated. Easy to tell with cloth pots as the sides will be wet all the way around. I dump whatever runoff came out of that and then add another solo cup or two of water and collect that runoff to test ppm. I dont test runoff ph much anymore. I just let the soil buffers do what they do. As long as your input ph is good, you should be fine. Plus with roots organics the runoff ph is almost always between 6.5-7.

The reason I dump the first part of runoff is because it’s usually really charged and will not give you a proper indication of your soil ppm.


That’s what i needed Thanks

Co2 got you showing calcium deficiency already… you need to get over 5 ml/g asap with cal mag I run 7 ml/g without co2 your gonna need to get above max strength feeding levels on all your bottles quick or this will keep happening …when you do your humidity is gonna spike… if you dont have dehum once you get food and light dialled in you’ll get mold tword end… its gonna be a challenge but make sure your prepared humidity is gonna be a crucial element of a co2 grow once you get you metabolic rate up

Humidity is locked at 60 and ill bring it down towards the end.
I have never done a soil run (or read up on them)
I didn’t know i would have to feed roots organics at all (when i was planning on putting these in a greenhouse without CO2) and with CO2 im not surprised it does but i had no way to know when to start.
I hit them with a 2 ml cal mag per litter foliar spray and a watering
I beleave ill start Nutes Next watering 0_o

Oh yea hop to it and push nutes… you dont want to be on borderline of enough and not enough you wanna be on line of plenty and to much your trying to get the plants to consume as much as possible and process the food … which takes more pbotosimyntesis which is more co 2 + water + elevated light + elevated food = elevated transpiration (which equals elevated temps and RH) when they get dialed in it’s a science experiment at 1500ppm you will be over all normal recommendations of bottles at max strength and you shouldn’t want anything less to happen…growing with co2 is not for saving money jts for maxing the plants out and it’s very easy to make them unhappy at these levels

Who said it was for saving money and when do i get the rebate? 0_o

You won’t it will cost you more to do it over right … going light on nutes is to strech nutes I get up to max strength as fast as my plants allow at that size I’m already at 5ml g cal mag

Im not going lite on nutes tho?

And I run in equally as hot or hotter soil FFof is hotter then promise and I push nutes in ocean forest by week 2 and forward

Yea 2ml / g cal mag is light I’m telling you 5 ml g is normal 7 ml g is pushing raise your levels I promise you will need to quickly… you are already showing deficent levels of calcium

i only just did that and the reason it was 2 ml was because it was the called for strength and the first time i had used it and the first in soil and i also did a foliar feeding.
The reason i have not fed Nutes yet was because it still looked very dark green and i did not want to give it to much nitrogen

Your gonna want all that right now and the nitrogen in cal mag is not to be alarmed about when in ckveg ecslecially… if your base nutes aren’t burning and soils jot burning start rasing lvl it’s a race to max feeding levels to keep up with them they will not wait for you figure out if they got enough they are gonna eat sooo much faster then your used to foliar is not best way to do co2 you want dry leaves to absorb co2 and feed the roots dont worry about what’s in your soil with co2 when pushing metabolism you want soil nutes to stay as long as possible for your buffer when you are a little off on your mix your soil will compensate but you wanna give food levels by hand … and and the soil as a plan b …
My regiment is
Water cal mag sillca
Little water
You might need to feed more often it’s not a process to fix after its messed up its gotta be on point before any deficency can arise or your to late and check against your grow every mistake or deficency …good luck

And those plants are not dark green they look kinda light honestly

Not that it’s a bad thing you can push more imo

Should i be switching to the bloom a & b now that the plant is pre flowering?

No u push veg nutes till right as strech finishes usually about 3 weeks from flip or with autos 3 weeks from pistils

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I have added a feeding of AN nutes to the Gorilla Glue #4 Autos… Im getting things ready to start proper testing and move them …ummm… somewhere?

I made home made Gorilla Grow green houses to stick in the woods but the plant is so big i dont want to move them and it is still cold out here.
I dont really have the room to keep them in here with the Girl Scout Cookies (after the training is another few weeks along)

The next best thing is making my bed room a grow room and sleeping on the living room floor… I just dont have the cash for another light… What? The sleeping on the floor thing? Not an issue (wont even hesitate for my Girls) 0_o

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