Lighting for 5’ wide, 4’ deep, 6’ high space

Hi all, currently 5 weeks into 4 plant grow and needing to increase lighting. Looking at the following options. Note, I have a single CREE COB @ 3500k and it’s great. Thoughts staying around $300?

I just bought the same Mars Hydro ts-2000 it’s awesome. I’m using a 4’x4’ tent great coverage and light penetration. My plants responded noticeably I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now love it and it’s under 300. I have the square ish not that elongated one - I recommend the MARS HYDRO TSW 2000W Led Grow… great for the price point - I am very happy with mine. I replaced a pair of 600 watt lightimetunnel’s I stopped using them altogether, it’d be a waste and too hot.

Check out budgetgrowlights .com. Just got a 250 watt Rspec QB style light for that price. Bright AF!

I originally had a single Viparspectra PAR600 Light. Then after joining I added a 2nd one. I also have a 4x4 tent.

One of these lights got my GSC to go to 60” tall. I switched to HLG QB’s and I’ve never looked back.

Don’t get me wrong I loved my Vipar but it just wasn’t enough light. Still a damn good light.

Let’s tag the light guru @dbrn32.

For a 5’x4’ space you’ll need approximately 1000 actual watts of blurple lighting, or about 650± of efficient quantum board/led strips.

You’re not going to able to do that for $300.

Good lighting is expensive.


in that price point you’re not going to find anything that covers more than 4x4 for veg and 3x3 for flower.
If i were you, I’d plan on using max 4x4 to actually grow and use the rest of your space for proper ventilation, circulation, heat and humidity control. Just because you have a larger space doesn’t necessarily mean you should pack it with more plants - focus on getting a higher yield from a smaller amount of plants using the best quality light your budget allows.
I was actually just researching a light for someone else and found the BloomBeast 900w COB. It’s $300 and purports to cover a 4x4 area. Now, no light has the same coverage for veg that it does in flower, so when they say 4x4 I have to assume they mean veg and then I can estimate that the flower footprint is 3x3 or something. But based on a few reviews from non-biased experts it seems like a pretty decent light for the price.
here’s the amazon link
But, make sure you get on Google and do your research. Then ask around.
Personally, I’d save up a few extra hundred dollars and maybe get a NextLight LED. They’ll be $525. You’ll get better penetration and coverage as long as you don’t pack your space. I really love my NextLights.


@neofirebird Thanks for the feedback!

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@MrPeat sorry but what are HLG QB?

@The_Analogkid It’s the Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Boards. I use 2 of their 260xl rspec light kits.

Thanks all, waiting on light guru’s input. Growing area in room is actually 4x3. I can spend more but rather not. Growing for personal consumption only.

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@neofirebird the Mars’ lights are a great option! Excellent lights from a really great company!

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The bloom beast a900 pulls 388watts at the wall.

It’s less than half of what one would need for a 4’x5’ tent.

@Drinkslinger - Yeah I realized that after reading a bit more about it. I was less than impressed.
It’s just really tough to find a decent light for that grow space in that price range.

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You couldn’t even build a good strip or qb for that space for $300.

I bought a couple of these wayyyyy back when. They list as 300w, but the ones I had only pulled 200w at the wall. 4 would give 800w, plus whatever light he’s got… it might be enough. A little over $300

The good news is that you can upgrade the cobs to citi 1212’s and reuse all the drivers, if you get the itch to improve them.

Personally, I’d buy whatever great light I could for $300, (cob, strip, cmh), grow in just part of the tent, and buy more lighting when there’s a budget.

Get either 1x 630w cmh or 2x 315w cmh lights

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That’s fine, point me to what you suggest for my application then.

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how do you feel about diy lights?

@HornHead Although cmh are good alternatives, a 6’ tent might have heat issues.


For what you’re looking to spend, an air cooled 1000 watt hps light would probably open up the whole space to grow in. The cmh lights offer a little better performance per watt and more even spectral distribution, but cost a little more. For $300 you may be able to get into a fixture using some of the knock off boards, available on Alibaba or similar places. I don’t really have enough experience with them to recommend one though.


You could go with 2 of the Mars hydro TS1000’s but my single TS2000 is killing it. TheWithout fans to go out and runs cooler than my previous lightimetunnel’s 600w.
The Mars I got I measured the wattage by plugging into my battery backup for computer - shows about 318 actual Watts with only light plugged in. I like the fanless design with aluminum heatsink - cooler temps no fans to go out like most LEDs have…

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I’ve been looking at the MarsHydro TSW 2000 as my growing space is rectangular.

Prefer white light over blurple and this looks good. Thoughts?

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