Lighting for 5’ wide, 4’ deep, 6’ high space

yes if my situation wasn’t square I would need a rectangular light and that’s the bars Hydro one left ear looking at I would definitely buy that for sure. You won’t be sorry they are also adjustable at the ballast. And a three year warranty too.

Am also looking into getting away from HIDs. But with all these different claims I have become skeptical about the LEDs. Really don’t want to waste time.

@dbrn32 could you offer some input here? I believe LED lights can produce great spectrum and save power and avoid heat issues. Your thoughts @dbrn32 you’re the light guy. For about $300us the Mars Hydro OP was looking at it great easy buy I think. DIY could be cheaper I’m sure, but I love mine and my plants do to.

Easier way to make sure you’re getting something good is to buy something that you can find an independent third party report on. Most of the reputable led companies have these online for review.


Well I did a lot of looking and researching online and at some point you gotta pull the trigger. For my rectangular space the best option to handle my 3-4 babies for personal use turned out to be the Mars Hydro TSL2000 using Epistar LED @ 0dB. Super bright, silent, and perfect coverage in 4’ x 5’ room with 320 cfm 6” exhaust fan. I guess now I’ll wait and see!

The space used to house plumbing for interior hot tub. Disappears nicely into the rest of the basement.


Hey nice the same light I have. Let me know how it does for you.

Will do, just about 6 weeks into the grow. Where are you at?

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@The_Analogkid sorry missed that question - just hit week 13 while flushing hydro. Well let’s say we had breakage; but she was only partially harvested, I’m still growing the second half approx of her main colas. Buds not finished further into canopy so I’m letting them finish bigger buds more trichomes plus I’m gonna get to try strain harvested at two points I’ll probably finish second half in a week - she’s frostier now after about another week totalling 14 weeks and darkness for 48hrs. :grin: Should be epic, preview was impressive - got good genetics.

You’ll have to share your progress in pics!

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Yes I’ve been overwhelmed with Dr. appts maintaining the wife LOL maintaining the girls too! Wife somehow still think they’re not the top priority. Shit I’m on them right after I pee when I get up! But then I’m told otherwise :roll_eyes: LMAO
I’m renaming this thread to neofirebird’s next grow.
Otherwise I’d have already been on it, but gotta get time after ugh, everything else needing to get done.
I’m really happy to share on here with all you get people. Details soon to follow…! @The_Analogkid @peachfuzz @Gremmall @the2409labs @Myfriendis410 @PurpNGold74 and @dbrn32 @Amazon66 and everyone else I forgot. IMG_20191111_112002969_HDR|375x500 IMG_20191111_103916572|666x500


I also was about six weeks in on second grow after upgrades including tent and lighting air pumps 3 airstones per bucket. Etc the things I learned that I knew I was missing elements to really make it work. Just got these a few days ago. Very nice to work with never occurred to me to use lab grade glass measuring tools. Oh and mixing solution too. Was doing it wrong, more bucket changes. Bigger air pumps, upgraded to 3 airstones per bucket. Lots of detail to pay attention to why not feeding? I was using measuring spoons even before that the cheap plastic 1ml POS. Now I’m using these with sizes of .5ml 1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml and 10ml. Brushes etc. From under 15 bucks lab quality glass, it’s really nice - you can feel it drawing fluid. Lines very easy. When I rinsed it I watched as a 3ml of water Slowly drain out, water line dropping past marking lines.


Just open the window it’s only 11° outside free cooling and dehumidifier affect and one.


Look for “neofirebird’s next grow” in auto support catagories. See ya there.