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Hello everyone. I’m new here. Started 4x4 tent grow about three weeks ago. Had to start them on very low wattage lights due to budget constraints. Im using 2 30w LED bulbs and 2 blue agro bulbs. Vegging ok but i want to introduce better light for veg and to get the heat down. Some days it gets up to 90+ in there and I have to kill the larger agro bulb. How can I do this without bleaching my babys?


Hi @Robskee, and welcome to ILGM! Congrats on the new grow. It sounds like you’re off to a good start. Are you using an exhaust fan for your tent? That will help with the heat. You might even need a small fan to help circulate the air inside, but I doubt you’ll need an intake fan. The passive vents at the bottom of the tent should be enough as long as the room the tent is in is a reasonable temperature.

Your best bet for lighting is going to be LEDs, for their efficiency as well as the heat they produce being a little easier to deal with. Be careful with Amazon and places like that for lighting. You have to read the fine print to see what you’re actually getting, and that might even be dishonest. If you plan to fill all 4 x 4 of your tent, you’ll want something around 500 true watts for flowering, at least. 600 or more would be even better. The popular choice around here is the QB boards from Samsung. They are about as good as it gets as far as bang for your buck.

Best of luck in your grow. Don’t be afraid to ask any question you think of. Everyone around here is pretty chill and helpful. :v:


For a 4x4 grow you will need approx 500W(actual wats from the wall) of efficient LED lighting. We can help with light selection, bit do not go with cheap burple LED’s from Amazon. They are advertised with deceitful wattage numbers… not actual.


A good starting point would be: What is your budget for lighting?
This will help dictate a fluorescent versus HID versus LED solution.

Expounding on what @elheffe702 said, though - I’d say if you do not have an exhaust fan, that should be your first (or simultaneous) purchase.


Thanks for the advice

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I have a ventilation system but the grow room is in a non climate controlled area. Fans galore. What I’m concerned about is changing out the lights. I have a 1200w LED light but I don’t want to bleach the plants. How do I introduce the new light? Start at the the top and slowly work it down?

I wanted to get more veg out of them but should I wait until it’s time for them to flower to change it out?

Just start out with them at a distance at the lowest light setting. What is the light?

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I’ll start with it at the top overnight. Running 24hrs but its cooler at night.

That light will get you through veg but will be weak in flower. Compare the numbers:


This is close to optimal in a 4x4 (4xQB288V2)


Just so you are aware, that is actually a 520 watt light. The “1200w” is a misleading sales tactic by many manufacturers, most of which you will find on Amazon.


Viparspectra are actually pretty good lights they’re great for veg cuz they’re heavy blue started about 24 in and you’re good to go


Thanks bro.

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