Need some help indoor growing

Question from a fellow grower:

I’ve just started my 4 plant entitlement in Canada. If bought my self a 4x2 grow tent and x2 600w phlizon LED(replaces 400w hps each ) from Amazon. Asain brand but good reviews. I have it complete with an 120 cfm intake fan at the bottom and 190 cfm outake fan and 4" carbon filter. Your grow bible has been informative for sure. I have 3 plants in 2 gallon pots, And 1 that’s in a 5 gallon with about 3gallon of hydro farm soil… they have all sprouted. And growing well at I says in soil. I decided to germinate and plant in final pot. My tent is regulated by inkbird hydrostat/humidifier and inkbird thermostat/heater. Nothing currently hooked up for dehumidification or cooling on ther thermo/hydro stats. How ever there is a 6"oscilation fan at the stop pointing down. The carbon filter is not on yet because it takes out all humidity but I’ve added a vent at the top to vent out old air.

Question. Should my intake fan match the cfm on my outtake fan or be more powerful… The 120 cfm fan doesnt feel like its blowing much air in. Its obviously no problem when the outtake fan is on. It sucks air from the bottom vents aswell anyways…

Do you think the 4x2 is big enough to veg and flower as long as I change the photoperiod at the right time? Or should i go ahead and buy a 4x4 or 5x5 and move all 4 in to flower in there. Obviously knowing I need to buy another light. I would switch the fan/ filter to the flower tent. My other option is flower 2 in the 4x2 and veg 2 in a 2x2. Less cost on tents and lights. Having 2 flowing and 2 in veg will allow to pull more often . What are your thoughts. Even thought the veg plants may need to move to flower before others are harvested.

I have been using RO water for now as a spray and watering twice a day as seedlings. Second set of leaves have sprouted. My humidity is consistent between 68% and 74% and temp is 77° to 80°. With the oscillating fan going the intake for fresh air and the open vent at the top.

Plants are probably 3 to 4 inches tall. Not stretching too much light is about 15 to 18 Inches away from top of plants.

I plan to use advanced nutrients 3 part ph perfect systemgrow, micro, bloom, Along with voodoo juice b52 and big bud and overdrive. . I know I dont need some of them until flower. But when should I start feeding the base nutrients. ?

That was explained very well and If I were you
I would go ahead and buy that 5x5 tent and lights for flower 800 watts or better.
@dbrn32 he is a good friend and he’s the one to ask about the L.E.D lights. Sorry dbrn32 don’t know anyone else at the moment…lol

And as for your nutrient PERFECT…I have used them for years and I know you will to. and don’t feed them any thing until they get their 5th or 6th true sets of leafs….ok

Ur intake fan is not needed in my opinion. Ur exhaust fan will pull old air out and suck new air in from open vent. Ur exhaust cfm is higher than ur intake fan so intake kinda pountless in that case. Ur pullin more out than that intake can provide. If anything put both ur fans on ehaust vents. I have 6" inline duct fan, 200/300cfm (low/high) i have never needed it on high speed, my room 5x5x7. Hope this helps

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Best suggestion…width is not so important as vertical height.
suggest you get at least a 6’ tall tent. The light and hanging gear will take up at least one foot.
Subtract the grow pot height and then you have actual vertical growing space.

As to the intake/exhaust issue…if the out fan is sucking the walls of the tent, open vents to stop in sucking. Alternatively…a variable speed control is affordable.

I can help with lights for sure. The one thing I’d like to point out is that is expensive to light big spaces. To get into a higher end led light for a 5x5 is around $1300. There’s some savings building a kit or building whole light yourself, but not everyone wants to do that. If your space isn’t going to be full you also give up some reflection, which can hamper yield potential a little. But there’s also some value in having some free space to work. In my opinion all of that stuff needs to be considered moving forward.