Lighting and darkness

Would this stress the plants for veg and flower. Say i started with 24 hr. Light. And no darkness for the first day. Then 23 hrs. Of light and 1 hour darkness. And so on. Once I get down to 12/12 the it would be 13 hrs. Of darkness and 11 hrs of light. The 14 hours of darkness then 10 hours of light and so on.

what are you trying to do?

Kinda like mimicking nature and reducing hours of of light a little at a time until you get to some minimum daily light schedule? I don’t think it would stress them too much, but never tried it and haven’t heard of doing it either.

it sounds like you will go from 24/0 to 0/24 in less than a month, am i right? why do this

Is it to much of a drop if started with 24 then 18 hours of light. So I am saying when in veg then when I flower would 24hrs of light in veg. Then 12 hours.Of light be too much stress. I thought I’f you drop too many hours of light at a time it stress the plant and it turns in to a herm…

idk ive only grown autos so far

you should be fine to go 24/0 first two weeks. then 18/6 until plant large enough and u want to flower then 12/12 until harvest. and close her up tight dont allow any light leaks into the tent a dark times

I’m doing seedlings at 24/0 for two weeks, four weeks of veg at 18/6, and flowering at 12/12 from there on. I don’t think the step drop impacts the plants significantly.

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Some old heads prefer the mother nature approach although the hard switch has proven to work just as well so the extra effort in dropping 30 minutes to and hour every 3 to 5 days is a little outrageous in my book … waste of time … But to anwser your equation naw it won’t hurt but don’t get to 14 hours dark until the veeery end of your grow you want to maximize photosynthesis while necessary more dark is supposed to increase resinsal at the end of the grow not really beneficial till then.12 and 12 is signal for flower so dot excess that I know that so max your light exposer and ,36 hours of pitch black before harvest is what most do these days with a stem split or a hole drilled in stem a few days before harvest to induce more stress and increase resins even further but no one really has any solid hard black and white evidence on this ,it’s just preference to some old masters

Question can I turn lights on for a hour then off for an hour then back on to i get all the way to 18 hours. It is on a timer

Cycle the light on and off at one hour increments? I don’t know why you would do that and it would be counterproductive. Maybe I am not understanding your question, though.

Wanted to not run the lights to long in a day

Why do you want to do this?

You need to run lights. If you are new to this, and looking to set up a successful first grow, download the grow bible and research the info at this link.

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Then do lights on at night, and lights off during the day.

Oops, misread. Unfortunately, unless you choose autos you will need to run your lights a minimum of 16 hours a day during veg. That’s the absolutely mininum.

Sorry, but you can’t get around using lights, unless you grow outside.


for continuous flowering a photoperiod plant requires 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. if the lights kept kicking on she would return to veg. and possibly become hermaphrodite

Possibly? A week of this in transition would be begging for her to go herm on u. On off on off on off all day would drive any living being insane