24 hour light schedule for veg?

Hey peeps! How do you guys feel about vegging a plant with 24 hours of light! Do they stress or are they healthy ?

It’s not a problem to do, won’t compromise health :metal:


They really respond better when they have a rest period like 18/6. However… It’s useful when you need to adjust their light cycle to a different sector of day.(like the outdoors light alignment in comparison to what you may have them at indoors)… it’s also good when you have difficulty keeping A tent warm.
It’s not bad… But plants jump when they can sleep


I also like 18 /6 Light schedule for veg stage. as @CLICKYBONES mentioned


Plants that have a rest period are more resisitant to stressors. 20/4 or 18/6 is best. There are processes that only happen in the dark period, skipping them is unescessary. Your plant can only absorb so much light so they will stop absorbing at some point anyhow and then your just burning light life and burning dollar bills. There are arguments for both sides but I offer this as good reasoning. Plants and humans have a circadian rhythm sleep/rest is built into our species memory. Much how salmon swim to where they were born to spawn, or birds fly south for winter. Millions of years of evolution with only day and night as a constant. Seems silly to fly in the face of that. The better choice to give “more” light to your plant, is get a bigger light.


Agree yet again brother @Docnraq!

This chart I’m adding will be helpful when determining any type of lighting scheduling or changes. There is so many ways you can achieve the proper amount of lighting for your plants. I use 18/6 lighting for all vegging plants personally. I use 24hrs on for my seedlings and clones until they’re well established since it helps keep it warm and humid in their little seedcubator.

You can mesaure using dli and adjust as described in the chart. this measurement tells you how much light energy is your plants receive in a given time period. The chart shows optimal levels for photoperiod cannabis plants with and without co2 enrichment.

  • I believe this is a great way to determine lighting schedules.
    Best of luck.

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I will sometimes go 24 hours for a short time. Like a week or two at most. Specifically if I am trying to reveg a plant that was flowering.

Otherwise I like the 16-18 on. I have found 24hour lighting a good way to stress out otherwise happy clones or seedlings. I have had males open pollen out of synch on 24; and females stable for years randomly go herm under 24 hours lighting.

I have found most strains will begin to flower at 14.5 -14 hours on.


Same here, well I noticed flowering at 10h dark. Same but looking at it from the other end.
It’s one of them things some people do, some don’t, like one of them safety rules you can break like not unplugging a drill before changing bits or taking a gaurd off your disk grinder.

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Are they really “rules” though… I can’t recall ever seeing a grinder that had a guard installed haha. Even the bench grinders in my shop are wide open, unless they have a wire wheel… that’s different lol.

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hahaaaa :rofl: :rofl: I have one with a guard just for show. Three without, for best reach, ya know what that’s like in tight places

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PLEASE HELP! i think i may be just overthinking and stressing but i moved some plants to a larger tent and was under the impression that my timer was set to 18 hrs on 6hrs off but i mistakenly left the timer switched to always on and not on the “timed” setting! its been almost two weeks of just 24 hrs on and im in week 6 of veg. am i screwed?! should i worry about hermies?!

Relax brother your good. Just figure out your timer before the flip. In veg it will not matter

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