Veg to Flower light cycle question

From what I’m reading it seems like it’s possible to go 24/0 on off all the way through Veg and then switch to 12/12 for flower. Is that right?

@The_Reverend. You can but plants need a rest period to complete all their processes
You’ll get a healthier more robust plant at 18/6 , the norm for veg.


Yes I would allow some dark time, it seems most growth happens at lights out. I look at mine at night cut the lights and it’s completely different in the morning.

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Are you sure you’re not dreaming??? :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

No in my dreams they would be much bigger. @beardless


How long after sprouting should I start the 18/6?

As soon as you want, I run mine from morning until I got to sleep so 8 am to midnight. From the time I plant to harvest. But I’m growing autos.

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