Light strength, pebbles on soil

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve learnt so much from your guide so far but I’m struggling with the strength of light I need when my plants are just a week old in my grow tent,I think My 600 lumens is too strong in a 4x4ftx8ft high grow tent,also when transplanting in to my bigger pots should I put pebbles on the top of the soil to keep the moisture in,so sorry for the total noobs questions

If you mean 600 watt hid it’s perfect for the size you’ve mentioned.

Some people put rocks in the bottom to improve drainage and grow-rocks on top for Pest Control -good luck

Aye…but 600 watt for a one week old? I’ve heard recommendations of something between the light and baby to diffuse the intense light…was it paper?

I think it was @Donaldj?

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600’s fine if you keep it up high, but I assumed everyone has an adjustable ballast and turns it down to 250w…!?

In nature there under the Sun from go, so as long as you don’t heat-stress them and maintain adaquate distance will be ok

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Lol I have a 400w bottom limit fixed ballast and every other ballast I have is 1000w or dimible to 600w I have cfl fixtures for seedlings otherwise since changing my ballasts during perpetual grow for seedlings or clones is not an option so I use plain white paper on a dome to diffuse light or distance.


I don’t believe i’ve offered anything “unwanted, unnecessary” and especially “incorrect”.

I’ve made a logical deduction that the person was asking about a 600 watt light and I explained why

That being made, and clearly stated perhaps you can share what I said that would be “incorrect” relating to that assumption?

No offense meant, just laughing at the assumption…my apologies, please don’t interpret my comments as an insult…your comments are always thought out and appreciated.


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Have a sense of humour everyone knows assumption is the mother of all !@#$ ups :stuck_out_tongue: which is why we have support ticket and ask for more info when details are sketchy. If we can’t joke around and tease each other we can go nuts since some posts die at birth, either poster takes info and uses or we don’t get feed back active members should be able to banter back and forth for !@#$s and giggles :slight_smile:


I confess…I tease…ask my grandson :smiling_imp:

Like it :slight_smile: